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Research: This is an investigation into the SOL SIGNS and SOL WEEK CYCLE ( and the SOL WEEK sign.

Paneagle has sought a sign designation for the week. This is the one I am using currently. I would like to see if any astrologers follow aspects of the position especially using the easy transit conjunctions to your charts.

The main points: The sol sign is the 60th harmonic sun. The sun stays in the sol sign for 12 hours each day. This cycle of 12 signs takes 6 days.

The sol year cycle is the full cycle of sol signs that takes (60 in all) of 6-day weeks to complete. This covers 60 cycles of 360 degrees in the year, (60 cycles x 6 days). It is naturally in alignment with our solar year. (12 sol signs 12 hours each = 6 days)

This week the sol cycle is Aquarius, (which I call the Winged Horse< Pegasus). Tuesday March 8 through March 13. *I know the week studied here is not 7 days long, but 6 days for it takes the sol sun harmonic to return to 0 Aries)

This week cycle begins today (now) at 4pm as the sun reached 18 pisces 00. It will end at sun at 24 pisces 00. This is the 59th of 60 sol week cycles in the year, as we end the year cycle on the spring equinox after next week.

This means Tuesday 4pm est starts the sol week degree of 0 Aquarius.
(The sol week degree is 5 degrees per day, 6 days to go 30 degrees of the sol week sign.
Wednesday is 5 degree Aquarius at 4pm. Thursday 10 degree Aquarius at 4pm. Friday 15 degree Aquarius at 4pm. Saturday 20 degree Aquarius at 4pm. Sunday at 20 degree Aquarius 4 pm est. Monday at 25 degree Aquarius.

Take a look for any conjunct or aspects to your chart if you will. The sol signs go through the 12 signs, from Aries (today as the sol sun sign conjunct the Uranus and Jupiter).

Next Tuesday complete the Aquarius WINGED HORSE week.
I have a position at 14 Aquarius and expect "lights on" Friday afternoon.
We then begin the Sol Week of the WHALE (Pisces group) next Tuesday.

Yes, I have seen something to this cycle, but research is young.
Astrologer Thanks for taking a look at your transits and feedback.
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You may be getting a bit ahead of yourself. I've seen you mention the "Sol 60th harmonic," as you've expressed it, but I still don't know how this system is supposed to work. Why is the 60th harmonic special? Why not the 30th or the 61st harmonics? Does each harmonic carry its own distinct value according to your interpretations? As to what you call the "Sol week degree," why does it move 5 degrees per day? How should it be interpreted? We need to know what these mathematical points represent in order to interpret them. If it were a planet, I could hazard a guess, but I don't know what meaning these numbers should have.

It seems that these measurements are intended to be tropical. When dividing the year by 360, each degree is slightly longer than a tropical day (1 day = ~1.01456215 degrees; 1 degree = ~0.98564686 days). Of course, every year is of a slightly different length, so the smaller decimal places will be less useful. Anyway, 5 degree increments shouldn't fall on 4pm on every iteration. They should be drifting forward slightly (e.g. 4:00pm, 4:21pm, 4:42pm, etc).

I realise that I may sound a bit of a demanding jackass, but the R&D forum is precisely the place for it. Besides, I've been wanting to ask you to explain some of these things I've seen you mention elsewhere. I don't doubt that there are legitimate astrological calculations that we, here, have not been using. I would just like to ask that you start with the basics, remembering that we know absolutely nothing about any work you've done on this subject so far. What made you start moving in this direction (the "sol harmonics") in the first place?

P.S. I got the drift backwards for the 5 degree increments. They should be drifting backward (getting earlier) by ~21 minutes.
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seen you mention the "Sol 60th harmonic,"
- Thanks for your interest Mark. Mark was name of my best friend for 40+ years.

SOL Astrology can be called a new Astrology. It uses the Sol Harmonic which is the 60th harmonic. It is actually a very simple and apparent formula. When I discovered it over 10 years ago, it was an "of course - why didn't I see that before" lucid and revelatory moment.

In any position we view the 3 three sets of degrees. These three sets are directly aligned with the planet position. Especially so for the Sun. I use
all three sets of degrees and have made numerous research discoveries from them.

Here is how we find it works. The sun today is 23 pisces 28 11. Take today's sun at the moment. 23 Pisces 28. This the sun at 23 pisces. the sol sign is 28 Aquarius. This uses the second degree (minute of arc position) of the sun. You see 28 there. This is the sol sun that is always equal to the 60th harmonic. It is not the 30th or any other. The second of arc is always equal to the 60th harmonic for that planet. I use the sun for the sol sign because the sol (sun word in spanish) is the most important, just as our sun is the most important body affecting the earth and gives us the solar zodiac, etc.

I have a shorthand for calculating the sol sign in whatever position it is.
Divide the degree down to a position in 6 degrees. (6 days is the cycle of the sol 60th harmonic sun to complete 360 degrees. Each sol sign lasts 12 hours. We have 2 sol signs per day.) One can use the 60th harmonic calculator on our software or use I use mental shorthand to divide it down from any degree to that of the 6. In The example 23 28 is actually 5 28 (SUBTRACT 18 A DIVISION OF 6). The 0 0 is 0 aries. 0 30 is 0 taurus. 1 00 is 0 gemini. thus the air fire degrees are the first 30, the earth and water always the second 30. 5 00 is 0 aquarius, and 5 30 is 0 pisces, so 5 28 (like 23 28) is 28 aquarius, 2 degree in the 60th harmonic less than 0 pisces. 0 pisces by the way was the sol sign of Einstein. Neptune is about to enter 0 pisces now - ie. Japan, nuclear problems, among of course many other effects.

The names of celebrity sol signs is listed on webpage and is quite remarkable to see the connections. I also renamed the signs as Aquarius is the winged horse, so the sol sign in Aquarius this morning was the winged horse, Pegasus, which is a higher octave of Aquarius, an inner sign of the self, or Soul.
That is why I use sol signs, and I think it may be a holy grail Astrology, that is it is very remarkable, a new set of signs and signatures. It also aligns with the great 26,000 solar celestial cycle.

Sol and solar arcs from the time of birth can be very revealing of major life dates and years. The third degree is equal to 3600x (60x60). This position is also emphatic but birth time must be quite accurate. Both of these 60x and 3600x positions can be used for rectification of birth time - another unique method.

Actually we will be having a SOL alignment with Sun today also. This is when the sun is 23 pisces 53 comes in 6 hours (4pm est). This is when the sun degree and sol degree will both be 23 Pisces. I call it the sol sun and key time of the week. I suspect aid to Japan will really be coming in finally, and perhaps it will come to end the immediate nuclear threat also. Pisces is tricky, but I hope that is how to interpret it.

THE SOL WEEK - this takes 60 sol weeks in the year, that are the 60 times the cycle of 6 days repeats. (360 degrees of the sun in solar year) Thus we have 12 weeks of each sol cycle per each season. The sol cycle is for the degrees of 360) to be not exactly 6 days but very close. (The sol signs last 12 hours, half a day as above.)

The season of 12 weeks starts on 0 Aries for spring. This week is the 60th cycle of the year. It is the final set of 12 sol weeks, so it is the Pisces or sol sign of the Whale, as I call it. It is for the week beginning this afternoon (EST) and going for 6 days. Then we come to the equinox and the start of the solar astrological year. Aries will be the sol week sign next week begins on Sunday.
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I'm having a hard time following your explanations, so I'll stick to the basics with the "60th harmonic." If I follow correctly, you divide the circle by 6, giving 60° (two signs) per slice of the pie. You then look up the current longitudinal degree of the celestial body to be examined and subtract from it the highest multiple of 6, without going over or altering the minutes and seconds. So, this means that 10° 26' Leo would, through your conversion algorithm, become 4 (whole slices) plus 26 degrees, placing that mathematical point at 26° Sagittarius. This would also mean that 10° 58' Leo would become 28° Capricorn. It would even further mean that 11° 58' Leo would become 28° Pisces and 12° 1' Leo would come 1° Aries. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

So, if S represents the Sol 60th Harmonic, D represents whole longitudinal degrees, M represents whole longitudinal minutes, and longitudinal seconds are discounted, then this algorithm would be formalised as:
S = ((D % 6) * 60) + M


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So, if S represents the Sol 60th Harmonic, D represents whole longitudinal degrees, M represents whole longitudinal minutes, and longitudinal seconds are discounted, then this algorithm would be formalised as: S = ((D % 6) * 60) + M

Mark; I have another small algorithm project, if you will.

This one I just discovered, I call it the PSIDEC degree - It is 3600/360 or 10x. labeled "Spirit into the world" This gives a decan (and set of 10 degrees) that corresponds to each day. Having a figure for a week or a time of a few hours per day other than the sun or venus mercury can be significant. This one seems to work on first look very well. I call it the Psidec because it means the spirit decan of 3600, taking 10 degrees in a day, and a good 2.4 hours for a degree, the length of most long movies and sporting events.

It showed up remarkably right off the bat. In fact I share this here as the degree in my own solar arc degree is conjunct the degree of the sol arc at 16 to 19 aquarius today. This degree alignment is one confirmation, but the psidec degree was in capricorn and conjunct lebron james when miami broke out of slump with big win last weekend saturday, but also conjunct pluto during the friday quake in Japan.

the psi-dec lasts in each sign 3 days. each decan is 1 day. every 5 degrees is 1/2 day or the same time the 60x harmonic stays in a sol sign. It may be this is the degree of the spirit for that day and time.

Data includes the following - for any algorithm you could write. confirm using 360x H.
test - 21 pisces 00 00 is 0 cap. 22 pisces 00 00 is 10 capricorn. On the 11th friday, Pluto was at 7 capricorn. The 21 pisces 30 00 is 5 degree of capricorn. Uranus entering aries was 0 0 00 was 0 Aries psi-dec. Uranus at 29 pisces 30 00 is 25 of pisces, with 28pisces 58 being 28-29 of pisces for both the uranus and the psi-dec of uranus close to conjunct.
a unique aspect I would say. The sun will conjunct the psi-dec of uranus on the equinox. Maybe the aftershocks and nuclear threat will stop. Hoping so.

thanks for your algorithm check if you can do.

p.s my sun is 19sag16 50 which is a 18 cancer psi-dec which is the degree of sun of my mother, coincidentally. Can all this be just an accident?

"there is co-incidence always.
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Mark; I have another small algorithm project, if you will. This one I labeled the PSIDEC degree - It is 3600/360 or 10x. as the 3600x is the spirit designation, this one I call "Spirit into the world" .

Mark, and those reading this thread; I realize the actual harmonic of the Psidec is 10x. I think it may prove itself quite useful in predicting events and associations. The formula for the algorithm will be simple as well, or use the 10x. It does not match the three hour, minute or second positions of the sun like the 1x, 360x and 3600x do, but there is a significance in this harmonic. Of course the powers of 10 would be a first clue.

If you have the time, Mark, can you try the algorithm. Thanks, Pan.

I noticed a lotto drawing on 3/19 where all the numbers were in order (14 to 18 I believe) and there was a tight five body conjunction in the 10x and another in the 360x charts. This I felt was 'very unusual'.

I have noticed connections of the 10x in other sports as well.


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If I understand your thinking about this new system, then it seems simpler than the first. If the Sun is the celestial body being measured, then the mathematical point (result of the algorithm) would move 10° for every 1° movement of the Sun. This would mean that the mathematical point would complete the circle in the same amount of time it takes the Sun to move 36°. So, there would be 10 complete repetitions of the mathematical point to every single repetition of the Sun's movement.

If this is what you're trying to describe, then the following algorithm should do it; where P is the "Psidec" point and L is the longitude of the body being examined.

P = (L * 10) % 360

This algorithm assumes that the longitude is measured in decimals, rather than minutes and seconds. Dealing with percentages is much more convenient for a programmer than converting base-60 to base-10. This algorithm implies that a point at 0 Aries will be produced by a placement at 0 Aries, 6 Taurus, 12 Gemini, 18 Cancer, 24 Leo, and so on. A version to handle minutes and seconds would look something like this:

P = ((L + (M / 60) + (S / 3600)) * 10) % 360

P.S. I don't know whether or not you've done this, but take a look at this article on my site. The systematic breaking down of the number 360 that is presented may prove to be good exploratory reading for your methods.
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good exploratory reading for your methods.

Thank you Mark. I check out twelvestar and was impressed.
I ask: Is the geo-map chart (gravity position) using the generic earth image or are the positions accurate for the planet angles to the continents.

If so - I found it quite interesting, as an astrocartographic (place) type reading - (in my case then - jupiter usa, pluto middle east, venus in pacific)

2) Can you do a chart for the 60x SOL CHART, (or 10x perhaps also)
and If so, could you employ 'new symbol sets" for planets in this chart (I have a complete planet name and symbol set for the sol sign positions - similar to commonly used but variable enough to look different)

and 4) Could you do an all in one "SUN SOL" chart for the major points, as 1x sun moon rising and midheaven, the 1x, 60x 3600x of the sun, and/or 60x sun moon rising and mc. These being keyed also by their solar arc progressions to each degree, would illuminate the sol method highly.

Thanks for response - best; Pan


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The global map (with tectonic plate boundaries) should mark the points on Earth where the planets would be seen directly overhead. I write my own software, so I can create charts of just about any kind and I can incorporate new symbol sets. If I were to create a custom chart generator, then I would like to compile all the options into a single generator and make them selectable from the front end. I would need to have a clear idea of exactly how to construct these things. We've established algorithms for two of them, but I still don't understand the whole set of them. Giving me a painfully clear and concise understanding of the ideas behind the system would be the best first step.


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To mark
1) sending a response to your private setting while thanking you here for good efforts. Explaining the sol method has been known to be challenging, even though as you see the algorithm is simply done and the harmonics easy enough to check and refer to.

2) the geo gravity field map I found very interesting as It is generally accurate to my own chart as expressions of continental and world areas in a great circle, such that planet rulers over those areas fits well. The Arian Jupiter in usa is certainly my experience, as well as libra and mars witrh saturn to China

I would invite others to visit the site and look at the maps.

best; pan


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presented good exploratory reading for your methods.

the 10x Psidec seems to be providing a bit more dynamic than the sol week cycle in terms of sports prediction. But both are proving to be point keys.

Sports note verify - The North Carolina game last night had Psidec at 20 taurus, and this correspond to a psidec degree of place (3 degrees per sign) of 78 degrees, which crosses Chapel Hill North Carolina. Maybe it was a rosi-crux after all!

It was I found the main significant of the game, although libra rising would favor light blue colors of UNC as opposed to much different Marquette underdog black and yellow. Sports is a good tool for such research.

The Psi Dec covers 3 days per sign, and can be aligned to places very significantly by 3 degrees going west from GMT or North from Equator.
For example Hollywood is first decan of Pisces (creative arts)
New York is third decan of Aries (sports fanaticism)
Washington DC is in Taurus (earth money, Miami in Gemini (immigration/travel and latin dance destination), Nashville in Leo (Music entertainment). Chicago is Virgo (grain/food economics) and so on.
My wife is a cancer and we live in Cancer zone right on her exact sun conjunct psidec degree.