Social Worker for Children Career potential?


I'm at that point where I'm looking to get back into education to further my horizons and there are many things I would like to study to get into a career but the top #1 is that I like the idea of being a social worker for children and I just wanted help looking into my chart to see if that supports it.

My assumptions regarding my chart so far:

Moon in Cancer in 5th house = Possible ability to be able to sympathise, relate & understand with children/families and their emotions

10th House ruler in 8th house = Possible ability to not only investigate but research & handle confidential information

Moon Trine Pluto = Perhaps delve into background information on families

Jupiter Square Leo Sun/Venus in 6th =

Pluto Square Leo Sun/Venus in 6th =

Water Grand Trine in 5th/8th/12th houses =

Water Grand Trine involving moon/pluto/saturn =

Thank you!:love:
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Astrologer Joseph

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Hi LonelyLion

Thanks for these summarized aspects. Just thinking, to get a more wholistic picture of your career prospects, are you able to post an image of your chart? Just the wheel is suffice, no other details are required. Happy to then provide a comment for you.

Astrologer Joseph