Social rejection and astrology


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Have you because of practicing astrology
experienced social rejection by friends,
family or social groups?


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As in family and friends not wanting to have anything to do with you because you practice astrology? No.

As in family and friends strongly disagreeing and not wanting to hear about or have anything to do with astrology? A resounding yes.

How is your experience?


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Rejection? no.

Plenty of people who think I've lost my marbles, but still respect me for who I am.

As far as I'm concerned if someone wants to reject me because of my interests, it's better they do. I have no need for such close-minded intolerance.


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No I haven't been rejected because of my interest in astrology, although I still cringe a little when I tell people of my interest, and brace myself for the worst. However contrary to my fears, everyone has been really welcoming and even become interested themselves!

There are a few people in my life I am apprehensive about telling, and that is my very Christian in-laws, who run to the pastor to ask permission to do or think anything! So I know they will reject me, and I like them too much to want that to happen.

But on the whole, eveyone that knows I am interested in astrology has been very supportive.
I don't really tell everybody about my interests but my family know and my brother's do enjoy calling me a witch. You know how brother's love to wind you up. I do feel uncomfortable if people know because some people think we are gullible for believing in Astrology and think it is a load of nonsense. Some will even judge your sanity as if you are mad for believing in this stuff. But Astrology is not a case of belief because it actually works, we all see how it works in our life. There is no way I would learn Astrology if it did not hold any truth. But yes some of us can feel social rejection or even your family at times can belittle the subject and make you feel like the black sheep of the family :D . I bet there are some parents out there making the child feel small for being interested in something different. Wouldn't it be nice if in the future when children are asked what they want to be when their older they could say Astrologer and the parents would be proud, and no one would judge you, it could be put up there with all the best helping and people orientated professions. I am just living in my ideal world again. :rolleyes:

We don't need to prove astrology to anybody, if you want to express your interests than do it. I personally would only tell close friends. My partner is very supportive and understands how much I love Astrology, plus he gets the T.V of a night while I learn all this stuff, which is a bonus for him. :cool:


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Like I love to say...
If God created the heavens and the earth, then why are we not able to appreciate what he created through the study and art of astrology?


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hehe steph nice one
but then ppl would say..appreciate it using arts like painting singing dancing ;)
and hey i am on your side..


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smilingsteph said:
Like I love to say...
If God created the heavens and the earth, then why are we not able to appreciate what he created through the study and art of astrology?

My thoughts exactly! :D

This is great for confused religious people (note: not all religious people are confused!) who rail against astrology - Oh how amusing (and illogical) the responses can be.


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most of my friends dont know im into astrology.. msot of them thinks its bullshit so i dont try to convince them.. but some friends who are intrested in spirituality and stuff liek that i try to show them some stuff about astrology and shwo them sites i use and stuff..

so anyway no, it didnt cause social rejection..
yes....people think i have lost my marbles!

I dont think people reject me just because of my interest in astrology though unfortunately............its just another excuse!

wayne penner

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Precisely why would people reject you?

Are they unable to discuss the fundamentals of astrology, or, more importantly, are you?

I never argue about astrology - I rarely discuss it and have friends who only vaguely know I study the subject. I couldn't care less whether people are impressed, distressed, ridicule me, laugh at me or love me because of my interest in astrology - I care only about the truth that astrology unfolds.

People are free to believe what they will. The only caveat is that if you talking to an intelligent person who has not studied astrology and thinks it's rubbish just let them know that their point of view will be seen in their chart ... and walk away chattering to yourself ...


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Eff them!

I have no time to defend astrology or my practice of it anymore. Years ago I would try to teach others of all the different Astrology practices but that is tiring after a while. People love to have something or someone to make feel "less than" and it certainly isn't me.

Recently I tossed up whether to advertise my astrology practice again and I thought about using a different phone number and name. Some referring agencies that I get work from (my counselling practice) might not like that I am an astrologer as well.

Its a fact of life that people make judgements, it doesn't bother me anymore. F them.



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rejection? no, not yet ;_

but even if they did it would just show me how narrow-minded they are anyway... so **** 'em :eek:


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at least not yet...
some ppl might think that I only think thru signs(not true...)and they get like ''oh c'mon now enough allready...'' but I haven't had rejection. On the contrary I have a lot of ''friends'' that call me only to know what the future holds for them... I think I should start charging them.....


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River said:
a large majority of people see astrology as UFO fanatics
A lot of people don't believe in UFOs because they can't accept the “proof” that is offered in the attempt to prove the existence of UFOs. The thing with astrology is that there IS proof and you can use it to minimize if not eliminate the "social rejection by friends, family or social groups."

If I come across a doubter, I give them some proof that proves astrology is legitimate overall. For example, I'll say...

"Did you know that Adolf Hitler was an Aries? And Aries people are famous for butting their heads against the wall, without getting the result they want. In the Battle of the Bulge and the Battle of Stalingrad, in World War Two, Hitler became obsessed with his goal of winning those battles. He even ignored the advice of his generals, and have a guess what? He lost… Both battles."

I make sure I have my facts straight and that I sound convincing during my monologue (although the latter typically comes naturally when your information/facts make sense and therefore can rarely be disputed.) Then I'll hit them with another quick example...

"Andrew Carnegie was an early twentieth century industrialist. He was a Sagittarian. And Sagittarians are known for their generosity. When Andrew Carnegie died... He had given away the equivalent of $4 billion dollars to other people."

Now at this stage the doubter might put up their defences....

"But Hitler won a lot of battles” or “Carnegie must have spent some of his money on himself."

So, then I say to them...

"You’re right. Look astrology is only one part of life. There are other parts, as I’m sure you know. Such as a person's environment and the influence of their family. The thing is, to get a better grip on life, ALL of these parts of life should be taken into account."

Then I go for the wrap up...

"Look… If I honestly thought astrology was a waste of time, why would I be standing here explaining it to you, looking like a loser? Astrology’s not just about horoscopes and whacko predictions. It’s much more than that. You should check it out. It’s interesting stuff. And I guarantee you’ll be surprised with the info you find out about yourself and… Other people."

Now I should point out that I don't mention/talk about astrology to people who don't have an open mind (or to people whose open mind can’t be identified – e.g. in a job interview.) So this conversation doesn't happen everyday. The overall objective of the conversation is to generate an interest in astrology from them and to show them that it is actually real and applicable in life. In addition, I don’t force it down their throats. And, I also use examples that a lot of people don’t know a lot about (therefore I have a greater chance of coming across as knowledgeable in a general sense (which hopefully “inadvertently” backs up my astrological stance/theories.”))

I'm not saying this is what everyone should do... But I haven’t had any complaints yet.:)


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Kingsley said:
Its a fact of life that people make judgements, it doesn't bother me anymore. F them.
To me, it looks like it does still bother you, otherwise you wouldn't still be agitated (e.g. "F them") when you think about them.

Moulin said:
but even if they did it would just show me how narrow-minded they are anyway... so **** 'em
More importantly, once again from my perspective, if this situation did arise, it just shows me that you didn't/don't have the aptitude to identify such people. And this agitates you, hence the swear word/poor attitude.

Instead of swearing and carrying on like two year olds, why don't you both just work out a more effective way of "spreading the word" when it comes to advocating astrology (just in case ;))?
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