So there's this guy....


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(isn't that how all stories start?)

Long story short, I'm kind of interested in him, but not sure how to catch his attention. I noticed we have a lot of similar placements but I am unsure how to use this to my advantage, or if this is a detriment.

There's also a small fact that I feel insecure about myself in this because I am pretty sure one or two other girls are also interested in him and they are more flirty/prettier/have bigger breasts than me. And yeah, not joking about that last one. Especially because he's a Cancer with Mars in Cancer.

Oh and I don't know his birth time, so the houses are incorrect on his chart. I'm the chart on the left he is the chart on the right.


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ugh i know its only been a couple of days but my question is almost to the bottom of the second page without a response. i thought i would bump it before it gets lost.

is there something i am missing in my question? is that why no one is answering?


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It's a bit hard to tell to be honest as you don't have his correct birth time, or even an approximation of it. What you'd be looking at is his 7th house cusp, its ruler by sign and house to show you what he's looking for in a relationship and also perhaps have a look at where his Mercury sits as that would indicate his preferred communication style. It might be that he doesn't actually like big-breasted, flirty girls but would rather they were stimulating, interesting, vivacious and fun to be around (as might be the case if his Mercury really is in Gemini, but on this chart, it's teetering on the brink of entering Cancer, and may well have done so by his birth time).


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i'm not really sure how to ask for a birthtime without coming off as creepy since most people dont really think astrology is worth much outside of sun signs. and even with just that you get a lot of "you dont actually BELIEVE in that kind of stuff, do you?" kind of looks/replies.

are there at least any hints or anything from just his planet placements maybe? or maybe something in my chart i can do/use that would help me?