So Kylie...


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i can't see her cap rising ... at least a 1 minute ago
but i see her scorpio moon in the way that her Dive into the world of aesthetics and became reference in this, Just because she was considered for many years the most ugly kardashian jenner of all of they

i see her scorpio moon in the way she plagiarized some designers ... I've never met a moon scorpion who was honest (lol) I met a girl in this forum, yeah :devil:
Scorpio is intensity, they can delve into something that is considered frugal, such as makeup :alien:

The only sign of capricorn rising that I see in her, is her entrepreneurship, she started by creating "kylie lip kits" and now she has her own empire
(But that was easy, she already had capital :whistling:)


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Interesting, especially her Moon. I´ve read that in Scorpio it´s in fall, any thoughts?
What did you read in her chart?

Her Leo Sun is obvious...Now the Cap Rising, her business. Could be a Leo thing but I find Cap Rising people extremely attractive and photogenic and she's pretty much labeled the 'Selfie Queen'.

Last, her Moon in Scorpio, she just exudes sexuality and seems very comfortable with and with her Leo Sun in the 8H - flaunt it of you got it Imo