SO IN LOVE - anyone please


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Will things go well for M and I in the next few months?

so happy don't even know that 't even want to ask:

I'm sun however I heard if you are a woman and have another planet in your first house that rules, which would be moon anyway.
He's saturn (7th house, astrologer (moi) really can't be decisive)
He's trine sun and jupietr in taursus

I'm square venus mars separating in taurus but trine jupiter in taurus
moon trine true node for me
Sun trine part of fortune for him (and me?)
He's sextile my ascendant

This is the best relationship I've had in a long a time - trying to keep my feet on the ground but it's hard. He's wonderful -


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The only relevant aspects as I understand are the ones that occur before the Moon changes signs. So disregard the ones that happen after the Moon changes signs. The only one that is relevant is the Moon square Venus. No sure what to make of that, to be honest. I guess what I am wondering is- why ask a question if you are so happy? Normally people ask questions when they are worried about something. What are you worried about?
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I wouldnt touch this chart with 10 feet pole
because you said "so happy don't even know that 't even want to ask"
you ask when something is on your mind urgent

this doesnt show the need



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Thanks Tikana and Natasa - I asked because I'm notorious for picking losers and their getting worse and worse ... I'm concerned truthfully about alcoholism and (I don't drink - so he doesn't drink around me) and lingering eye...


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It sounds like you should stop dating for a while to figure out why you are attracting losers. There is an unconscious vibe you are putting out there that attracts these types. A counselor could help you figure out what it is. As for the chart, I think it was disingenuous (even if unintentional) not to include your worries in your original description of the situation. We are practicing horary, not psychics. I don't think you need a horary to answer your question. Clearly, you have different values than this person. I don't see anything in the chart that would show the relationship moving forward, either. His significator is not in good shape being Rx and cadent. I wouldn't even say he is trustworthy. Sun already passed the trine with him, and the Moon makes no aspects to Saturn. Your fears are probably well founded, but you shouldn't need a chart to tell you that. Listen to your gut.


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If Tikana said NO - I don`t dare to say anything more. She knows horary much better than me. Positive thing I saw on the chart is him together with POF in your 3rd - so I guess that communication between 2 of you is good. You are in your 11th of hopes and wishes - meaning that you have hopes about this matter. But if it is ok - just let i be.
I wish you this relationship to continue in a best way.