Skeptic Attacks on Astrology

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Hello Forum,

I have heard that there are allot of attacks on Astrology from the other side of the "Scientists" The people I see who really say NO to something that really confuses me, because they have not really researched Astrology. The "Shoot First Ask Questions Later" Skeptics really concerns me, and the Skeptics character assasinate any Astrologer on a video posting site. This group extending their tentacles of swift denial and ignorace, and personally email astrologers behind the scenes has gone to far.
It's ok to disagree with anything but to make statements and launching insults is not My cup of tea!
How would you all deal with this?

Thank you for reading!

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Hello S,
Thank you for your comments and points about this subject! I know about to ignore them but if you are an astrologer and you present a video on perfect demonstration of Astrology, then you will somehow be attacked by the skeptics, and some are associated with the teachings of the greater source. They too have opinions but if you get a statement from some unknown souce with a saying"Astrology is for the weak minded" "astrology is for idiots" and so on. You would explain to them the reason for what you teach....they don't care, they attack!
You are right, ignore them but you have to respond or then they think you are weak and it continues. The best thing to do is to block them, which you can, but they would privately email you for more.
Onne thing I know is that they want charts from you based on whatever, but that is to manipulate your chart, for a bad interp..

I love this forum because it is for astrologers, and I know there are skeptics that sometimes come on here, but they ask questions!
Thank you again!

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Hello Kaiousei No Senshi,
Thank you very much. This is so educational to what I find here. Just to see what this community can offer me on this subject is truelly refreshing. I can always count on intellegent people here and you guys are a sight for sore eyes.
Thanks again!


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The kindest thing you can do to people like that, the ones so willing to attack,
is to allow them to have there stable datum that they hold so dear.
If you argue your point is does no good, they will have to see for themselves or it is not real to them. Itll spin them.
Really its driving them nuts, that is the reason they get upset.
I think for some people, concerning stable datums, they have there whole world built around them so if you pull them off, they react negatively, they are simpily defending their sanity.
Allow them to be stupid.:D;)
Its actually easier then it looks.
And don't allow others to invalidate your reality as well.
What is real to you is real to, untill you decide what else is real to you.
stay up.:)
Cheers! Tsquare

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Hello Tsquare,]
Thank you for the advise! Good Grief...there are so many Stupid people on the site I see the attacks on and so many ignorant people that have no clue about astrology. Yes there are the people that want to learn and some people that ask questions who sound skeptic, but they want to learn. Then there are the ones that are vicious and will nail you
YouTube is a great place to learn things and to be entertained. I see many videos of my liking, but there are good and bad comments, that's only natural. If I see something I do not like on there, I won't bother to comment in a negative way.
I know 2 astrologers on that website and allot of their videos are excellent. I see that some people ask questions.....thats healthy and it makes for a good time talking about it.
I myself got into astrology for a very encouraging thing in my so so life, and I always wanted to see the unlimited possibilities ...even here!
Thank you
Some people call 95% of the DNA they can't understand as 'Junk DNA'

Some people believe God is scientifically discredited

Some people believe Osama Bin Laden was the master mind behind 9/11

Some people are ignorant.

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Yes, and I have read from the mindless Skeptics with their heads off, that they are Right with their ideas and Astrology is wrong! You ask them if they have read anything by any well known Astrologers or any Astrologer and they don't give you a straight answer, then they regroup with their buddies and swing for another attack!
This is like a coup of ideas on ALL Astrologers, Very alarming.
When I was a kid, I knew what my Zodiac sign was. I read my horoscope and did not understand why or how Astrology basically predicted my the time I lived in during that time. I did not understand astrology, but I did not chastized Astrology or make fun at Astrologers because I did not know it!


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Since I'm about to have a debate about Astrology on my Philosophy class somewhere next week(maybe tomorrow),I'm obviously very interested in this thread.

I had to do a little research on the reason why some scientists are so energically against Astrology,and it surprises to see the way this (supposedly)well-educated,intelligent people go about the subject.Some scientists who,working with in the refined world of Science,should know one can never get to a conclusion about a certain subject without looking at all the chances and studyin every possibility,make the most horryfying statements about Astrology without understading it's basic concepts,or even the way it works.You have lots of people out there who are conducting studies on the accuracy of Astrology without having any prior understanding of the way Astrology works.Of course,the studies this people conduct often get to the conclusion that there's absolutely no connection between the planet's movements and that Astrology really is fake and useless.Most of these studies do things are a little bit like this:"We asked some astrologers to look at some couples charts to determine who are the compatible and the uncompatible couples.In the end,we the uncompatible couples got married and the compatible ones did not.So,obvisouly,Astrology does not work".What if those 'uncompatible couples who got married' got divorced3months after they got married,or what if they fought every single day?This type of studies never mention these things.

Some studies only go about solar astrology-some people read the daily astrology column on the newspaper and assume they had mastered the art.As all true Astrology lovers know,there's a LOT more to Astrology than just the12Sun signs.In fact,I wholeheartdly blame solar astrology for the way most people look at Astrology,think this is all just mambo jambo-inaccurate mambo jambo.All the real astrology students who know how those newspaper forecasts are done understand how inaccurate they are.

On the other hand,most people assume Astrology still works in the same way it worked in the Christian times.That is,most people think astrologers are people who can really predict the future.This is type of atitude comes from traditional astrology,and most people do not even realize that Astrology these days leaves enough space for Man to act and make it's own path.

It saddens me,to see how some people are capable of severly damaging such a wonderful science without having the irght arguments to support them.Obviously,not every one should like Astrology,and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that-however,I strongly believe that EVERYONE-everyone-should respect Astrology,recognize that it is useful and it does work.Actuallyit's exacly the same thing with religion-not everyone has the same religion and some people are even atheists but we all must recognize that all religions are valid in their own ways,and this is the same kind of approach scientists should have.
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When it comes to the scientific types, astrology can be a scary and unnerving reality. It basically chips away at their deep-seated belief that everything, even human psychology and experience, can be explained in casual terms 100% based on "logic". The simple fact that astrology essentially unravels their sense of material security and invulnerability makes them feel very uneasy. Rightfully so, and they are soaking themselves in self-denial.

In regards to arguing with them or really even caring about their insecurities..

"He's a fool who wants proof of what he cannot perceive, and he's a blockhead who tries to make such a one believe"
(from William Blake - The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell)

The way I see it, the harder one argues against astrology and the more heated they become upon it's mention, it's directly proportional to their soul's need for understanding and explanation of what they cannot perceive. Steeped in denial and reticulation of the expansive cosmic reality, they cling to their framework of perceived "reason" in order to avoid the difficult work of their soul. In a way, the more willing they are to expend energy to fight against the cosmic art, the more they need the very understanding it can offer. It is yet another nasty battle of the conscious vs the unconscious, so typical among people who run from their own inner self!

I don't argue with these types... But if they are a continuing part of my life, I generally get the best of them. It almost universally works out that something painful happens in their life and they come crawling back asking for an explanation and a way forward. And it almost universally works out that the chart offers help. So often it's a Pluto or Uranus transit, stripping away outdated forms they are clinging to.

It almost always takes a painful circumstance for these people to open up... Not just to astrology, but to any new facet of life. Suffering, at some intensity, transcends rigidity and overcomes self-defeat and self-denial.

Stephen Arroyo also makes a particularly scalding critique of "rational science" in the first chapter of his book "Chart Interpretation Handbook" entitled "Astrology At The Threshold" - A very enjoyable first 9 pages of the book! Check it out at the bookstore if you don't own a copy, this book is fairly common :)


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Antikythera Mechanism said:
I love this forum because it is for astrologers, and I know there are skeptics that sometimes come on here, but they ask questions!
Thank you again!

thank you..:)

yes i understand that you get affected by them.. i get too.. but ever since i've started vising this forum and the other ones i stopped worrying about not having anyone to talk to about astrology, or being criticized.. i don't care about disbelievers.. someone said (i forget who:( ) 'never argue with a fool, people might not know the difference'. indeed, never come to their level of perceptions and start justifying yourself as if you did something wrong, they will only attack you for that. unconsciously it's the very thing which they are waiting for. if you'll stay calm and meet them with cold air, then you will win eventually... it's easier said than done..i know, but we are here for you :)

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I find your words to be very correct and you bring up so many intresting points! It so true that the skeptics like to really "destroy" the reputation of astrology thus discouraging and future student of astrology.
I was never one of those skeptics but really wonder how it works. To me back then as a kid, I remember my cousin was an astrologer for the local paper in her town back in the 60's and 70's. As you know there were no computers, or PC's available so everything was done by hand.
There I see astrology as a science with many calculations, in fact all astrology is like that to my knowledge.
I would always remember the rich history of astrology as far back as to Babylon, where they used Visual Astrology. To be an astrologer is to be a physician in terms of delivering children into the world, thus marking the exact time of birth.
The sad and frusterating thing is the skeptics never investigate information so they can conclude their theories. At the rate that I's a coup against Astrology. It's so easy to talk to anyone who is a skeptic who claims they ARE a scientist but actually is NOT. These people behave like misinformed children and never have any so called facts because once again they have not read anything about astrology!!!
When I was a skeptic I just didn't know there was more to it than just sun sign, I was that ignorant. I think most people are like this, when I found out that there was a whole lot more to it I still was a skeptic but I knew there was a lot more to it.


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i read all the comments, you sayd intresting stuff indeed, and lissa, good luck with the debate!
and those attacks by scientists are nothing too much serius, i know it too much good that astrology is for real, its a fact for me like the fact that we hav day and night, and that the earth is round.

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Hello weee11
Thank you so much for your comments and concern towards this topic. I like to thank everyone for their excellent comments and that is why I love this forum, fiiled with so much information, from Horary to Electional Astrology.
Thank you so much!


Hello, everyone.

The best thing that you can do is not to concern yourself with those whose sole purpose is to debunk astrology. When you think about: How important are these people (and their value judgments about astrology) to you? Astrologers and those who are interested in same - and who KNOW that it DOES work - should be the primary individuals with whom to exchange ideas. This forum is primary example.

Communication should also be devoted to those who are curious and who have more than a passing interest in this field. They may not necessarily accept astrology at face value but at least have honest questions and seek to understand what it's really all about. This is good, because they at least show some interest. And it is among these people that it is most important to inform and educate properly the fundamentals and applications of astrology.

As for the skeptics: the very nature of their status is not to add value or knowledge to fields but merely to debunk it. This leaves a negative only, not a positive (as well as an unending feeling of doubt). It's as if they are angry with life and so find an outlet in targeting and slashing others. What contributions to life, other people and other fields have ever been found by skeptics - or by being skeptic? None!

Therefore, they can safely be ignored and not even considered.

As for scientists who do same: it's a sad fact, but aside from being brilliant within their own professions, outside of same, they have little clue about life and are quite ignorant. Astrology is unfamiliar territory to them and does not use the same line of reasoning as their strict lineair occupations. Therefore it must be (to them) false and a psuedo science (even though in truth it is the exact opposite and does, indeed, involve very scientific applications but also intuitional).

Well, just wanted to say that and to ease the anger of those who get upset about such individuals.

Take care,

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This is a difficult topic, because astrology is clearly not a science according to the modern rationalist and materialist definition. However this does not mean that it's superstition, because astrology works, and it's explanation might be in the realm of quantum mechanics, fractals, chaos theory or some weird scientific theory like that. It's on the limits between psychology and natural science, mind and matter. Carl Jung made some advances in the understanding of it, and in its relation with psychology. However now we need a solid foundation on the natural world, a brilliant scientific theory that will eventually explain it, and be accepted by the whole scientific community. I think some 100 years from now, I'm giving a long date because I'm bad for predictions :).
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There have been times when I have got a little annoyed at sceptics who try to ridicule us. Astrology gets knocked by a lot of people who have never even studied it. Or tested it out. Their mind is already set to look for the flaws in Astrology, they haven't exactly got open minds to study our art. What scares me more is if Astrology did go mainstream, what would be the implications of this?. I am not sure if it would be a good thing, or if it would get misused. I kind of like it not to be too mainstream, but maybe that's my Uranus in 3rd who likes to have a different interest from most people in her life. I have never been too interested in how it works, I just know it works. Once you delve into the subject deeply there is just so much to explore that for a mind like mine which gets bored easily, it's the only subject that really sparks my interest. There are always going to be attacks on Astrology, but I don't care anymore - there the one's who are missing out.

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I agree! There is so much about Astrology that the average Skeptic cannot understand.
Before I got into Astrology I was a Skeptic with an open mind, but never attacked Astrology because I had no basis on what Astrology is. Yes, I would always see books on the subject, and this was before the Internet, but I still ignored it. Those daily horoscopes were good and somewhat, accurate but, I thought that that was all to what Astrology is. So I did some studies and experiments. WOW! As a skeptic in the past turned to a person who loves Astrology!
Essential Dignities are very intresting and those skeptics....scratching their heads!


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AM, as an ex-skeptic ex-evangelical Christian person who is believing in astrology, skeptics don't like astrology is because they haven't researched the real, professional kind of astrology yet! I know about astrology on July 31st 2021, and after I researched it, I finally believed in it! But, I don't use astrology the whole 2022 except January, and afterwards I was a devout Evangelical Christian. But, in January of this year, I came back to astrology due to break down of teached Christian dogma by my parents, and I come back to astrology again and use it till now... (I actually use it more extensively in late June this year, but I was on the Reddit Astrology sub in January this year)