Singletons: Pioneers of the natal chart!


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If a singleton is unique, what happens if you have 3 singletons in your chart?

Virgo (Pluto, 10th) is my only earth sign.
Sagittarius (Neptune, 1st) is my only fire sign.
And the third house is my only cadent house where my lonely Mars resides.
Since my Mars looks so lonely (although accompanied by my North Node) I considered Mars as my only singleton.
So how strong is the influence of a singleton if you have more than one?

But anyway, I read the website that was mentioned before, perhaps that makes things clearer.


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I have a weird chart. All my planets is in the 10th, 11th and 12th houses and then I have a singlton in the fith. This is my Gemini moon.

I don't suppose you can really see a GEMINI moon as a singleton, could you?


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Hm.. Glad for the extensive posts on singletons, and for your very revealing post on the Neptune Singleton, LunarPisces.

I have a Neptune singleton being in the only earth sign (Capricorn), in the first house. I am rather talented (especially musically), but I'm not sure what the implications of this are in an earth sign. Most of my work isn't actual physical material, rather music .. anyway I guess the neptune singleton in an earth sign is some overpowering Neptune quality overshadowing what is practical, structural, material ... Capricorn is the sign of success, I do have overpowering dreams of being successful, somehow my spirituality and artistic talent reaping in some material rewards ..

But it's true what you say, spiritually I am quite hungry.. I know I'll never be satisified with what I'll learn on earth.. :) I know the neptune singleton makes one privy to psychic 'powers', I have studied auras and can see them (mostly as lightly colored glows) around people.
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Like RA, I've found I also have a Neptune singleton - except mine is in Scorpio ( in the 10th). Mine is a singleton because it is the only planet in a fixed sign.

Until I read this thread, I would have thought that my Jupiter (r) in Gemini in the 6th, was a singleton, but it is just unaspected by any other planet. Although, it may be a singleton due to being the only planet in the 4-8 houses - forget what these are called (transpersonal?)

Any interpretations on how these placements could affect my personality, etc?
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I looked over the readings, and the article posted. Thanks for the info Lunarpisces. I have a singleton, it appears, in air and it is my sun no less in the third. I do not know if that is what makes it hard for me to grasp or gestalt.
I did ponder the idea that we tend to fall back on it when we are tired, ill etc. I tend to overanalyse stuff, relationships, people, happenings etc I wonder if its connected to that singularity That might be helpful to me as an indicator to relax and take care of myself particularly as sun is ego..that sort of makes sense.
It also appears I have a singularity in the transpersonal with saturn as the only planet occupying that sector in the 10th. I am not sure where that leads me but it is good information ...thanks for the input from each.


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I have a singleton Venus, only earth planet, in Virgo in 3rd, and also Jupiter, only water planet, in Scorpio, 5th house, but my asc is water also(Cancer), so description of water element is not foreign to me.

I wonder - what is to be done with those singletons? Should they be prominent in some way, or more logically, weakened by prevailing planets/other elements?
How are they important?


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I have singleton Jupiter rx in 2nd Aries. With all my other planets in 8th, 9th and 10th! Now thats a real lonely planet (unless POF is considered too). It is however aspected by trine to other planets in 10th Sag, and not my only fire element. But what does it mean?


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I have 2 singletons in my chart...I too am trying to figure out what they mean, i'm not so good at "piecing together the story", and also wondering what it means when the singleton is ruling planet in ruling sign in ruling house, as both of mine are!!

I read the link that lunar pisces provided, it was very informative but there's still alot I don't undertsand.

Venus in Libra in the 7th house, is the only air sign in my chart.

Pluto in scorpio in the 8th house, i think it's a double singleton as it's the only placement in a succeedent house type and the only placement in the 8th house? (moon, mercury, jupiter and neptune all sextile my pluto incase that is important)

Any insights would be appreciated :)


I have two singletons in my chart: retrograde Mars in Gemini (6th), the only mutable planet, and Jupiter in Leo (8th), the only fire planet.

The Mars archetype shows up very strongly in my daily life. I love to play sports, and play them all year round (soccer, basketball, lacrosse, taekwando, kung fu, and tennis). I am a very aggressive person; almost anyone who gets to know me would wholeheartedly agree about my aggression. For me, anger happens and ends quickly. I anger easily over odd, small irritations. When I get angry, I like to talk (or yell) about it to other people. I like to voice my frustration.

The Jupiter in Leo archetype is less clear to me in my life. I have not done a lot of traveling, but I plan to in the near future. Jupiter rules higher education and intellectual pursuits. Both of those definitely show up in my life. I like school and love to learn. I think I tend to project this archetype onto other people. My two best friends have very firey charts. One has a Sagittarius moon, and the other has a stellium in Leo (Venus, Mars, and Jupiter). My most recent ex-boyfriend also has a Sagittarius moon along with a stellium in Leo (Mars, Venus, and Jupiter).


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I have a singleton in my bucket chart ..

..... Saturn in Taurus in the 3rd

..... in opposition to Moon, Venus (10th) & Mercury, Jupiter (9th)

....... does anyone want to give an interpretation .. ? .. my chart is attached ..

.. Most of what I read about oppositions are negative, .. so ..

.. My life has certainly been crazy .. but definitely interesting & I've certainly lived .. if you know what I mean ..

.. but my chart is crazy .. I have learned so much about me from my chart .. but it's that darn singleton that I still can't figure out ..


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bucket chart, to kaminari


You asked:
kaminari said:
I have a singleton in my bucket chart ..
Saturn...does anyone want to give an interpretation .. ?

You have a bucket chart with :saturn: (duty, also structure) :conjunct: IC (inner world) as the "handle", indicating you need to inwardly structure things before you can do them.




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Re: bucket chart, to kaminari

wilsontc said:

You asked:

You have a bucket chart with :saturn: (duty, also structure) :conjunct: IC (inner world) as the "handle", indicating you need to inwardly structure things before you can do them.



.. Thanks Tim .. I wonder if Saturn's energy flowing into the 4th .. ? .. I feel I have a good handle on my "thoughts" .. but .. I feel like "home" is what I've been missing my whole adult life .. Perhaps the "home" is inside me .. & that's what I need to structure ..
Wow, interesting topic. Never considered the effect of a singleton in a chart before. I happen to have a saturn singleton in aquarius in the 2nd house, ruled by cap. it's the only air sign in my chart.

In Air signs, Saturn singleton polarizes the mental, intellectual, and communicative qualities. The person may be highly intelligent, yet feels inadequate about his ability to communicate - learning and reading problems may exist. Additionally, there may be a tendency to be too detached, dissociative, too coolly impersonal and abstract, or a prisoner in a mental cage
In fixed signs, it tends to add both stubbornness and persistence. The person can get stuck in a rut, suffer from monomania, or excessive concentration on a single object or idea. Saturn works best in Aquarius where it helps focus and stabilize Uranian scientifically creative genius, though it still gives problematic personality rigidity.

It's pretty accurate, especially the part about communication. Verbal communication of ideas has always been difficult for me.. I can never seem to get over this unknown fear :(

Can anyone tell me more about this saturn?


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home, to kaminari


You asked:
kaminari said:
I wonder if Saturn's energy flowing into the 4th .. ? .. I feel I have a good handle on my "thoughts" .. but .. I feel like "home" is what I've been missing my whole adult life .. Perhaps the "home" is inside me .. & that's what I need to structure

I think that makes sense. It's about being "at home" with your entire "inner world" and structuring that.




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I have two singletons of my own. My moon is in Gemini in the 12th house and represents my only mutable planet (though this one could be debatable because Jupiter, in Taurus, is also in my 12th house at about 10' away). I do, however, very much feel this singleton (though this may be more to its position as a light in my 12th rather than necessarily being a singleton).

The really key singleton for me though is Pluto in Scorpio in my fifth house (Libra cusp). It's my only planet in a water sign and its my only planet in the 'me' half of my chart (1 through 6). It's moderately conjunct my vertex and it (more importantly) forms one of the legs of a T-square formation with Venus in Aquarius in my 9th and Mars in Taurus in my 11th (Aries cusp). Any thoughts?

(sun in Aquarius)

Sun Scor Moon Aqu Asc Vir

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I have two "Singletons" :moon: in 6th :aquarius: hard aspect-ed and the only Planet in Air :pinched: along with :mars: in 9th :taurus:


I`m studying a Friends chart in relation to their singleton Placements and have two different houses for this :sideways:

ie :uranus: for instance in 10th Equal and 9th in Placidus although the chart says 10th ? the corresponding report from the same site says 9th :sideways:

Uranus in the 9th House
Unconventional in matters of philosophy and religion, you always find new ways to get past the fluff and into what is really important. Your insights into truth and the eternal make you independent and somewhat of a loner.
should I stick with "Equal" .... only I know some are using Equal for Horary now also ?



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does your friend have a uranus singleton? do you actually see it manifest in him/her? i'd imagine a 10th house uranian's method of working/ approach to career to really stand out. mine is in the 2nd house unaspected.

i would be more inclined to believe the chart over the report but why didn't you make one from like yours?

I Did Sweetie ... made several to try to get the house position correct ..

The first chart interprets :uranus: also in 9th :sideways:


With second in 10th :crying:

Are there 3 singletons in their chart ? It`s looking more grim by the minute :devil:



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