Singleton planets and dispositors


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These days i tried to combine things, but i feel that i can't really do this step alone, so please help me.

In my chart i have two singleton planets. Sun and Saturn. Saturn is also the dispositor of Sun. And my chart's final dispositor is Jupiter.

So who has more strenght? Saturn or Jupiter? I would vote for Saturn, since i always believed that the Ascendant ruler is the most important planet. But if i listen to my feelings, Jupiter is just as strong.

Also, when i interpret the meaning of the connection betwen these planets, what should i say? How should i understand it? How will it manifest in my life?

I put many thought into Singleton planets, they are kind of my favourite topic recently. But i can't put two and two together.

Will my Sun always gave his possitive his light into fearful Saturn? And will Saturn give his fears to transforming Pluto? (Or will they permanently give self-doubt?)
Does Jupiter as final dispositor can indicate lucky outcome?

Or am i completely in the wrong road understanding my chart?

Thanks for reading my entry.
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the links you posted are not working for some reason. Prob best to upload as attachments, pls also consider posting on same chart, progressions and transits?

Depositors and strength of planets has it's place but don't become obsessed with it. It's more a Trad viewpoint rather than Modern (like myself)
Just for future help on posting charts --

We need to check with the aspect gride and other bits, so it's worth including and not cutting off the bottom half. Also cos astro uses rather wide orbs and I tend to reduce them down to 80% ratio for that reason

I also remember you're not quite sure of your birth time. Can I suggest you check in an ephemeris when T Mars and T Mercury get to conj your MC and Asc for fine tunings your degree.

I also recall you sun is unaspected as well as a singleton. did you research this? how would you think your sun's energy expresses? It's your chart after all. :wink:

Was there a sibling born when you were 1year old? Age 16 SA Asc conj venus, did you pay more attention to your appearance and possibly start dating? Age 11 SA Saturn conj MC did one parent become distant, aloof strict, come out of work, go missing? These are the things that will help you rectify your chart...


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This is my rectified chart, i hope. I put a lot of thoughts into this, watching how my chart act from year to year, step by step.
Recently i am watching transiting Mars and it seems accurate. Also in March-April-May this year i watched my Mercury every two days. (I am still doing this, but i think it works now.)

I never viewd my Sun as unexpected. The Sun-Moon square is quite important and prominent, i think. Also It aspects Jupiter.

I read about unexpected Sun, and singleton planets too.
What is my ineterest is if Saturn can completely take my Sun's energy or not? Both of them are singletons and prominent in my chart.

I feel a block and indecisiveness in myself, not only because the Sun square Moon, but because of the Sautn-Pluto cojunction too.

That's why i'd thought seeing Saturn as Sun's dispositor can help me to reach a deeper understanding of the chart.

And finally i saw Jupiter my final dispositor planet. And as i feel that my Sun and Saturn is strong, i felt in my whole life that Jupiter is just as prominent as they. I just wanted to know if we speak about how these planets relate to each other what they tell.
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Now I can see the chart properly, I can of course see the sun squ moon. :smile:

I feel a block and indecisiveness in myself, not only because the Sun square Moon, but because of the Sautn-Pluto cojunction too.

As we're talking about sun, I thought I would just refresh the definition of the square

"Self-expression is blocked by emotional hangups or habit patterns that may be inherited or conditioned by past events. Family and domestic affairs keep you from developing the way you would like. The conditions in your early family environment may have caused difficulties in understanding and getting along with the opposite sex. In these relationships you can be too argumentative and defensive. You may need to get the chip off your shoulder sometimes. This aspect suggests a conflict between the ego and the emotions. There is a presence of tension between your outer and inner self"

So without even looking at the singleton it seems you may still be working through this maybe...

A person with a Sun singleton may appearquite Uranian. But where Uranus intends to be bizarre, the Sun intends to show his specialness and uniqueness. The effect is similar, but the motivation is different. The Sun and the sign Leo are fundamentally “conformist” while Uranus and Aquarius are basically “radicals” and “revolutionaries,” “bohemians” and societal “deviants” or “rebels.” This brings us to the Sun singleton’s greatest tendency and worst fear: to fall into the qualities of it’s opposite. For example, a Sun singleton in Cancer may become an absolute dictator, or fall into the Capricornian archetype, while a Capricorn singleton Sun may become the eternal baby, the Cancerian archetype. With all singletons extremes of expression, or extremes of repression, are to be suspected.
So do you have worries of pisces traits like boundary issues, indecisiveness, being over emotional, sensitive perhaps??

Saturn/pluto is ambition, hard work, resourcefulness. I don't see these two under major stress issues just at the moment--
When T Neptune gets to 3' is will form a square with Saturn and that could cause a bit of depression, fear of the unknown. Having a hard time to put structure into things, possible boundary issues

"A singleton Saturn symbolizes exaggerated authority issues. There may be an umbilical tie to the biological father, but more often the quality of, or quest for, authority was important in the person’s development. Perhaps a particular authority figure was a powerful influence"

"There is a fundamental kind of insecurity with Saturn singletons. It is an “itch that can never be scratched.” This can easily lead to over-compensation, which is seen by the world as success-motivated behavior. Such an achievement orientated, hard driving psychological force is not easy for the person or others to live with. It often leads to burnout and depression"

So how did you relate to father? Now looking at the square to venus and mercury does suggest you felt bit unloved or uncherished from childhood. Maybe father valued and pushed you to read, study and achieve??

Saturn in 10th has 'potential' for leadership and do you feel about

Hope this helps


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Thank you for your reply. Today i relised that i asked the question in the wrong way.
The real question is:
How can we put two and two together. Or dispositorship is really not important in this case?

I saw charts in astrodatabank where singleton planets were not related.
But if they are, how will it change the astrological interpretation?

Like in my chart: Sun Singleton is in Capricorn, and his dispositor Saturn is in Scorpio.

How will it change Sun? Will it change it at all the overall picture?

Or: Sun Singleton in Virgo, and Mercury Singleton in something. How this dispositro relationship will change Sun? etc.

Is it a question what has sense being asked? Or should i not mix singletons and dispositors in an analisys?
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