Should I travel home or stay where I am? - URGENT


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I work in Kabul and the corona virus might turn into pandemic soon like in Iran due to poor medical services and cultural similarities. My organization cannot guarantee medical evacuation.
Travelling home is problematic, the airport is closed, the only way to get there is through a land border of a neighboring country and if I decide to travel I might be kept in a quarantine at the border. Corona is spreading rapidly in my country and they are not sure if they can respond to the challenge.
My choices are to stay in Kabul locked down and wait for the pandemic to pass for a couple of months, and pray not to get it.
Or travel, with the risk of flights being cancelled, get stuck at borders and the risk to get the virus while travelling.

I am not able to read the chart due to stress.

Please help, I am booking a ticket for tomorrow to have a choice open.


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I can't say what you "should" do, but with all of those planets in your 9th house, it looks like you have decided to travel.

Good luck, stay safe, and please consult your embassy or consulate.


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This is always a big problem for expats who are abroad when crisis strikes.
You are Venus, strong in taurus, also ruler of your 6th of health and sickness, and located in your 12th of worries, isolation.
Your home (country) is the 4th, sun in the 11th of hopes, but about to change signs without making any aspects. You didn't say where your home is, how far and what the conditions are there. Currently everyone is having problems with containing the outbreak.
Sun will conjunct Chiron when it changes signs.
Notice that MC/IC, Uranus, nodes, and Chiron are all in the same degree, tied together, so you may not have a choice in the matter.
When moon leaves the 9th, it will enter into this configuration, including a square with unexpected, un-programable Uranus.
The current Capricorn stellium is in your 9th of foreign countries, but you Venus approach these by trine so it not a danger to you.
Mercury of travel is in fall and detriment, making movements difficult.
As waybread wrote, you should begin by consulting your consulate/embassy to be well informed about the current situation since it can easily change from hour to hour.
Crossing the border in unsafe conditions, and remaining in quarantine in unknown conditions may become too dangerous, whereas sealing yourself up in your house in Kabul could be safer.
Keep in mind, the mortality rate for corona virus is not high, although it is very contagious. Many who actually do become positive have very light symptoms. We don't know your overall health condition, people with other health problems (cancer, pneumonia, asthma, respiratory problems, etc etc) are the most vulnerable, along with the elderly who are always at higher risk than the average person.
Above all, don't panic please, get advice from your consul and act accordingly.
God speed.

Aria Venue

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I am from Macedonia, which is in a lock down currently
I am really struggling with the decision
if your main concern is to return to your home country thinking that there you'll be safer, though you don't actually want to go (moon in sun's detriment) dont do it.Your trip is saturn and yes saturn can harm moon, though there's no aspect but the overall situation will be troublesome( moon aspects ic by opposition)and you'll regret it.venus is safe where she is, is just that you are in the 12th house of self undoing and fears .keep in mind also than sun(your home country) is about to find malefic saturn and immediately after enters aries from where harms venus(you)


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I’ve never read a travel or disease horary before, but your moon and ninth house ruler are in the ninth house. I’ve used the ninth house as a significator because your asking about travelling between two countries.

your significatior is in the twelfth was which rules disease. I feel that this says you’ll travel and get ill. So maybe it’s be safer to stay where you are.


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I'm using the Lot of rectitude (the right thing to do) to answer this, the lot is posited at 11'56" Aries ruler being mars. [Putting this to one side a moment.]

Your home town is L4/sun, you're currently in another country that you don't call home, the derived 9th which is Aries/Mars where the lot of rectitude is.

Planets in the charts 9th are telling of the fearful situation you are currently facing. If we turn the chart, 9th from 4th is the derived 6th house of illness.

Your home/sun is currently square Saturn, but will then separate and will move into its own sign and the sign of the lot of rectitude, i would have seen this as a good thing, but as the lot ruler/mars is then moving towards Saturn and is going to be conjuncting with Saturn at 0 Aquarius, then I'd say that if you did decide to try and travel you are going to be facing Saturnian issues as in border issues from the authorities, and being held back.

So my answer would be that this wouldn't be the right thing for you to do.
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I've used the lot of travel now, this lot is at 3'06" Taurus, ruler Venus in house 12.

I'm getting a different story with this lot. Venus will be void for a little while until making a trine with Jupiter at 23 degrees Taurus, and Jupiter is the natural ruler of long-distance travel. When this trine perfects moon will also be in Taurus conjunct with venus, whilst L4/sun will have separated from Saturn and Saturn will have changed signs.

Taking Uranus into account the lots chart placement is conjunct Uranus, Uranus being about sudden changes and shocks [to the travel].

Because there are another 8-9 degrees until this aspect perfects between Venus and Jupiter, and Sun needs to sperate from Saturn, then I don't see it happening straight away but I think this trine will bring you an opportunity to get home. Timing I would say would be 8-9 weeks rather than days as the angles are on fixed.

Combining this lot and the previous one, they both show delays in travel happening, but now showing that it will eventually happen.

Aria Venue

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which house represents my current home, if the 4th represents my country of birth?

your current home is taurus=venus, the asc as here, 4th=sun represents your roots, home country, in this context 9th=saturn represents the travel(foreign not domestic) you wish to take.
the question is not about your home as a residence (l4), but travelling back to your home country-roots and in such type of questions asc always represents the current location ( as here) where l7 represents (there).But in this case, since the question is about your home country (sun) is better to judge upon him. Nevertheless the l1 vs l7 rule (taurus vs scorpio) obviously gives the same result either way, cause taurus is better for venus and moon
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It indeed is a very tricky question and I hope you remain safe in every way.

To read the chary you posted, which is very telling of how you feel - Venus in the 12th house and void... stuck.

Your current place where you are located (you work and live in kabul) is ruled by the Sun, which is in its 29th degree and shows that there are problems (that you described).

9th house is the house of travel and is full of planets. Looking at its signifactor - Saturn, which is about to change signs - going by the chart - shows that there will be a change in situation, which is further endorsed by the Sun in the 29th degree- so also about to change signs. I think some how you will end up travelling and there will be a change in location.

The Moon has come out of its detriment (Cap), in the 9th, which tells me travel is more than likely to happen, but with delay and hurdles - cadent house. What I would have loved to see is the Moon aspecting Venus (you), but that happens only after Moon changes into Pisces, so I do think delay in travel and reaching the destination. Ultimately I think when Moon changes into Pisces, it will form a sextile to Venus, so there will be some respite for you. That Moon will also translate from Venus (you) to Mars (in the 9th - abroad) and Mars rules the 7th - your new place of stay (new as in not current - Kabul).

Good news is that during all this, Venus stays in Taurus, where it is strongly placed.

Please update if you get the chance and stay safe.


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There is still an opportunity to fly out to Istanbul (within the next couple of days), where I might get stuck and be there on my own. Going home is out of the equation for now, they put new comers to collective quarantine where I heard people get sick.
I am trying to persuade the management of my organization to get out of Kabul (no medical care here), there are a few of us still in Kabul and move business operation to Istanbul temporarily.
Let's see how it goes.

Aria Venue

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Hello Spiritwoman
if i may say, a should i question is not judged the same way as a "will i question".in the first scenario we judge whether this decision favors in a way your sigs (venus and your co-ruler=moon )..if something bad happens to them...etc in the second case we check whether there's an aspect between you and place of destination, in this case sun.
As we all told you the wiser thing would have been to stay put, cause venus though stuck in a fixed sign and in the 12th (your self undoing, fears etc) is safer.if we move moon(peregrine also indicative of a traveler) aspects ic by opposition (borders of your country) in more or less three units of time (slow as fixed and angular), so the overall trip will be difficult and you'll probably regret it, though in the meantime moon doesn't aspect any essential or accidental malefic and of cource it would be better also to wait saturn enters aquarious( in less than half unit) from where he gets more dignified and he is no longer in moon's detriment. as i already told you the place of destination(sun) on malefic fixed star sheat and is about to aspect saturn and immediately after enters exalted in aries, in the domicile of mars (virus) in venus detriment and in saturn's fall and as soon saturn enters aquarious, saturn and sun will be in mutual negative reception.
I understand that you are in panic (venus in 12th) and seeing also moon in the fixed star altair, just like an eagle who strives to break free of its bonds and fly away,a star of boldness and action still the horary won't take decisions for you.
Now in case you are thinking to do this trip, but to a different destination as you mentioned...instabul, then you could ask a separate question
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It looks like your mind is set upon removing to your home grounds, Moon ruling the 3rd house cusp, = traveling. (Cardinal Cancer rules fluid frequent movement) Cancer/Scorpio upon it's cusp gives the reason as Scorpio or 8th house transition concerns. The 3rd house Cancer sign is in a 12th house (anxiety-fear) placement, stress about removing. The natural 4th H.C. sign turning the wheel, is in a worrisome placement to her radical place. Additionally consider Moon as natural lord of the 4th in opposition to her radical 4th house home grounds initiative for movement as the opposition is a separation aspect.

As said in the a fore mentioned delineations, Venus (lesser benefic, in disease 12th house = some protection) is dignified and well stationed in Taurus, does not look like she will personally experience the virus making the trine aspect to Mars (virus) hidden in a cadent house. (Venus will trine the stellium in the 9th H.C. (travel); Mars (virus), Jupiter (travel), Pluto, Saturn (mortality rate expectation, a statistical state authority ruling)..a lot of 'protection' there with Venus (Libra) upon the 6th house of illness, Venus decision to travel.

You most likely will experience some trouble traveling, removing yourself but not to the extent you are in fear of... (1st planet the Moon aspects is Uranus with a square as she TOL (of fear) from Saturn to Uranus (Uranus is in the fated S.N. deg., mixed up with changes) in the 12th house of tribulation's worrisome about self undoing-a bit later to square Venus (the experience of the square effect will be eased, some relief there). Both the aspects of the opposition and the square are challenging, to either decide to leave or stay.

Sun is about to make a change for the better, moving into exalted Aries. Going to an area where the identification of the virus (Mars) with positive control factors is more favorable. The planet Vulcan (is acute intelligence, acumen personified) will experience the conjunction by the Sun (identification of the disease situation); Vulcan has higher Mercurial expressions, some say will replace Mercury as lord of Virgo. Vulcan is a planet of note for being decisive, critical for mental evaluations, higher spiritual discernment rulings.

To that understanding Mercury (short journeys & lord of Virgo (health) is in his fall at present, not a happy place to be when having to make a decision to travel about health reasons, and Moon (all about traveling & removal) = change being in Uranus sign Aquarius helps to accomplish your hopes by traveling. Uranus lord of Aquarius is presently in mutual reception with Jupiter able to get out of the situation they are presently both in, (Jupiter travel in fall, & Uranus in fall in Taurus = values) will experience some harmony being trined by Venus. Moon in mutual reception with Mercury will help to accomplish any decision you make yay or nay to make the long journey. A lot of positive resonance is going to the 9th house (traveling) by Venus aspect, and the Moon, in harmony exchanging signs with Mercury. (Doris Chase Doane, Modern Astrology-Moon in Pisces is in Harmony with Mercury back in Aquarius, is exalted = mutual reception).

The sign of health Virgo is in a 12th house (worrisome to take a chance at removal for health reasons) position to its natural 6th house estate being on the speculative 5th H.C. cusp, but Regulus on that cusp is protective of the 'chance' for the decision to make a change for health reasons, Mercury in mutual reception with Moon, (exchanging places with her) additionally helps to make the decision to oppose present surroundings. What is the speculation about, the depositor Sun's vitality (Sun is Lord of the 5th house, at 29th deg. moving into exalted state by going to experience a new sign, Aries. Mars (exalted in the 9th house of travels) rules the fever (heat) to burn away the virus, Venus going to trine him will lesson any ill effects of the virus in your estate. I don't think you will catch the virus if you move away from present conditions. There is resonance of Sun, Neptune, Mercury in hospitals Pisces, in Aquarius home 11th with Uranus decision to experience Jupiter's placement in the 9th house of travels.

Venus position will trine the travel planets being in the 12th, she is exalted in Pisces home, dignified in her own sign..should she decide to stay she will be a recluse for a long while, (fixed Taurus) where as if she leaves and takes the trip the trine she will make with Jupiter/Uranus will soften some aspect of the hardship that is expected and they are presently expressing both being in their fall.

There will be some difficulty concerning your departure (Moon square Uranus) but I don't think, after the travel arrangements are accomplished you will be held back from continuing on your journey to reach your home grounds and your goal to escape the expected projections that your govt is making. Saturn (imp. govt. decisions (in 9th H.C.) with Pluto (mortality rate) will be trined by benign Venus. Venus is your significator, the decision you make for spending $$ on the journey etc. preparation is stressful, (Venus in the 12th) but as the lesser benefic makes the trine with the Stellium in the house of journey's, the stress will lesson.

It is my opinion because Moon is moving to square Venus, the approaching 'obstacle'to experience health issues expected, Venus adds some protection and you will be able to avoid the virus. Where the client feels a need for improving her chances is Venus part by her making her trines to the 9th house travel planets, she adding a helpful beneficial deciding force.

The clients Moon is in the sign of Aquarius, hopes wishes, and to that understanding..I think her influence to remove will prevail. and as for good counsel by govt. information and the things Moon is all about,(at the antenna 10th house cusp) family, considerations etc. the consulate will guide for the deciding factor that makes for the lasting statement whether she will leave.

Below I have attached a chart with dignities of the same map, showing the strength of each planet.

In my opinion you will travel. Even tho the Moon's last aspect is a square to Venus (obstacle) I think it will only be a matter of timing, but whether you decide to remove or stay, you should stay in touch with your consulate as the information you should base your decision on ultimately as other's have mentioned above.

Wishing you the best..thinking you will be safe should you decide to travel.

Yours in Kabal & Astrology
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Have you decided to stay or leave, could you update?

Hope you are doing well and the stress of either staying or leaving has been less for you...
Take Care
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Well, I am not able to move, airport is closed. I didn't go home when I could via a neighboring country, since they introduced a collective quarantine so was afraid to be put on a bus and forced to share rooms.
Now, the airport is also closed in Kabul, so basically have nowhere to go.

I hope I made the right decision to choose to stay here over being put in a collective quarantine at the border in my country.

There are rumors going on here in my organization for a collective evacuation once they proclaim a state of emergency in Afghanistan.

Few days back, they organized a charter flight to Doha for those who want to leave, but people did't feel like being stuck in Doha for months so they cancelled the flight.

Until then, I stay put, and hope not to get infected in the absence of medical care around.

Thanks much - will keep you posted

Stay healthy and well


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Thanks for the update.
According to the chart, you did the best thing, you would have been in danger if you had tried to travel out.
Take precautions, stay as safe as possible and god speed.
Keep us updated.