Should I quit university

maria river

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Hello everyone,
I just had one of the biggest rejections of my life,
I hardly passed any courses this semester in university and I am afraid I will have to do this year all over again.
I have passed 19 courses and I need 21 to get the degree.
Thankfully, it is free in Europe, where I come from.
This is a very difficult university with a lot of mathematics and technology lessons.
The question is , should I quit university and just get a job?
or are there any better days ahead of me?
Thank you to all of the forum.


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maria river

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I will give it a try... moon in the 12th house shows my anxiety and disappointment.
What about the sun mercury conj.? and the venus-mars conj in my 9th house?
could we say it shows potential?
that big saturn square is me, feeling like im going nowhere.
Yet, sun in aquarius is very fitting for a college degree in computer science .
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I think the chart shows that you will quit University.
Your Moon is applying to Saturn Lord 9 University, that’s a yes.
Saturn is also in the 10th house of jobs.


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The fact the 9th house cusp is at the 29th degree.
9th ruler Saturn is angular w/ Moon applying to square.
And you/Mercury in the 9th square Uranus being the sudden revelations regarding your education/marks.
I would say you will be leaving.