Should I pursue complaint with student affairs?


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Hello, I have been debating for a few months whether I should complain to student affairs about a university related matter. Things have been rocky between myself and school that I have been attending since last year. The learning department cut off their support to me after I made a complaint about an incompetent instructor last summer. You can call it retaliation. I had no choice but to complain because he was dead set on giving me a bad grade despite providing inadequate learning materials and subpar instruction. At that time student affairs ruled in my favor. Something similar happened with an algebra class that I took last fall. The instructor refused to help me when I asked for assistance and told me that I was on my own. Also, the claims that she made about her class were misleading and resulted in me wasting hundreds of dollars on useless materials. Later on, I discovered that what she taught in the algebra class does not even pass national requirements for classes at this level. I asked the learning department for their help and this time they left me holding the bag. This was arbitrary in my opinion. However, I hesitated in filing a complaint against them because my gut told me that things would end badly.

When I drew this chart I observed some of my worst fears manifesting (Saturn on DC and conjunct to Unukalhai and Serpentis). I see that the school is shady indeed. My 9th house (higher learning) is ruled by the same Saturn that is in the 7th house. Pluto in Capricorn sits in the 9th, a corrupt sign in my opinion. Also, Venus (ruled by my Taurus rising) is at a detriment in the 9th is at a detriment. Perhaps this could be indicative of a substandard education. My moon in Pisces is succedent, which I believe makes me "dependent" on them if I worked this matter out. Also, Pisces rules secrets and the unknown. I do find it interesting and bad that Mars, ruler of my 12th and 7th is combust and at a detriment.

I have been considering returning to the community college to learn new trade skills. That, being a 3rd house (I think), is positively aspected in a few months, summer I believe. Also, retro Jupiter in Cancer sits in the 3rd. However, Fortuna is in Gemini and the moon will apply to make a square. Can someone give me their insight and give me advice? Thank you.


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Since the South Node posits the rising sign of this chart (Taurus), for me this indicates an unreliable state of affairs at the present time: I would suggest re-asking this question again at a later time...