Should i just cheat on my older bf?


Im happy with everything else, but i am very depressed and having a hard time making ends meet, and look for a job for myself, since i quit being a gangster.

Im fcked till next week, i even begged my bank and they wont help me. And he wont help me. But he makes me very happy and tries to understand me :happy:

So my housing worker and friends tell me to go cheat on him and find some rich guy on the side, since he wont take care of me , he even said to me "i dont want no sugar baby stuff" (im 20, hes 40.)

I see ruler of 1st in 7th house. He likes me and i like him. Too bad, I, fck you, you cant do **** for me. and ruler of 7th in 9th conjunct Saturn (see i told yall hes older!)


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I think its you and your old man all the way. I dont see you cheating on him according to your horary chart. If you quit hustling, and its not an option anymore, isnt there some sort of schooling you can do? Maybe a three month or six month training program? Maybe your bank or a scholarship will cover it.
It may yake a bit of time but you'll increase your earning power in the long run and wont have these problems so much anymore.