Should I go for this company?


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I have been off work for quite a while now.
Yesterday, a former supervisor reached out to me and asked me if I could join in her company since they have opportunities.
This not my former company, but a new company.
I am hesitant since the job is abroad, and I do not want to take something out of desperation. I was looking for job opportunities until now (I have a chart for this just before) but not related to this one.
Please can you kindly advise me on whether this would be positive to join this company?
In the chart I am Jupiter in pisces (3rd house), the position is in the 10th house, and it is in libra ruled by venus in the 6th house ruled itself by venus too. It's a square aspect between Venus and Jupiter.
The moon does not apply either to the ruler of the 10th house.
Is this a negative testimony for not joining the company? What do you make out of mercury in the 7th house? There are former colleagues working there too.
Thank you .


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I think it depends upon what you want out of the job.

You're Jupiter, the prospective employer is Venus.

Venus is in Gemini, past its recent trine with Jupiter. The MC would also represent your career. So maybe not such a great career move. Venus is also in your 6th house of work and service, so this might be "just a job."

On the other hand, if you are primarily motivated by the income, Venus applies to a nice trine with your 2nd house ruler, Saturn.

If the job involves a change of country for you, this actually looks promising. Your 9th house of foreign travel is ruled by the moon. The moon is domiciled in Cancer and in-sect, applying to a nice sextile with the sun.

Decisions, decisions!


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I would be cautious.

You as Jup are strong in your dignity in Pisces. Venus/job in Gemini is peregrine, without any dignity favorable or unfavorable, kind of untethered, wandering or disconnected.

There is no upcoming aspect between Venus and Jupiter, favorable or unfavorable, for a very long time. It makes me concerned that you may not connect well or see eye-to-eye with what the company wants of you.


I agree with the above, and would like to add that the ruler of 11th house (income from the job) is in fall (Mars - although making some nice upcoming aspects to Nept and Sun), meaning you may not earn as much as expected, at least in the beginning.

Also, Sun and Merc are ruling 9th house (foreign country). Jup is not in a good aspect to Sun, so you may not feel well at this foreign place - maybe for 4 months.

Locus Fortuna is in your 10th house of career - showing this is an important matter for you at this point :) So if career is the main driver, then income and feeling not so good in the beginning are probably something to be compromised.

Do let us know what you decide and how it goes.