Should I go back to school this year?

I've been thinking this over for a few years now, but since the beginning of this year the pull to go back to school has been particularly strong. I would take a dance and a writing class and take some pre-requisites for a masters (which I'm still undecided as to what it'll be in). I've also tossed around the idea of doing an online Mandarin course to continue my education in the language at home. All this is still up in the air and I'm just looking at my options, just need a little guidance so I asked the stars.

Here's what I saw in the chart:
-Ascendant is in late degrees of Leo (a question that's been around for quite some time).
-9th house ruled by Mars on the IC in Scorpio. Good sign for Mars, but not sure how to read it on the IC
-Jupiter and the NNode are conjunct in Virgo (sign of the teacher/student) in the 1H (expansion of education)
-Moon is in 29 degrees Cancer, critical degree?

What's your take?


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