Should I go back to school and study Philosophy?


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Dear all,

I have an MA and consider a PhD, but deep down I would love to go back to school and get a degree in Philosophy.

I decided to ask and got this chart. The last aspect of the Moon is trine me, Saturn, albeit Saturn in 12th and retrograde. Moon will also trine Jupiter in 10th. Moon will conjunct Mercury, ruler of Mars, and Moon is ruled by Mars, ruler of 9th house, Studies etc.

What do you think?

Thanks for your opinions!


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No go

saturn in 12th retro - regrets .. yes it is in joy but very debiliated
sun is completely void.

I'd wait

you have saturn/jup incoming i am thinking that you will change into something else.

dr. farr

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Using Modernist Lunar Horary (which is NOT regular horary), Moon's next conjunction in the chart will be with Uranus, so answer by this method is "no"

dr. farr

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Using the (more traditional) Ankara horary method:

Querent = 1st house= Capricorn = Saturn
Lot of Rectitude (right thing to do, right action to take) falls @ 29 Scorpio = Mars
Quesited = 9th house (whole sign) = Virgo = Mercury

:querent Saturn flows away from the Lot of Rectitude = - testimony
: LOR significator Mars flows away from querent significator Saturn = - testimony
:Moon flows toward 9th house significator Mercury, but away from querent significator Saturn and away from LOR = overall - testimony
:9th house significator Mercury flows toward LOR by retrograde but flows away from LOR significator Mars = net neutral testimony

All testimonies add up to net - total: answer by this horary method is "no"


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WEll, Maybe you should ask my 2 friends who both have PHD's in philosophy.

Let me see if I can get one of them on the phone.... Joey, he drives a taxi so we cant call him until tomorrow. And his wife, Celia, she is probably sleeping because she works early mornings in the bakery making bread and croissants before she goes to the community college where she teaches freshman English twice a week. :happy: