Should I contact him?


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hi everyone, it's been a long time since I entered this forum

I asked if I should contact my ex. From what I see in the card the contact should have been made from him already since his ruler, Mercury, is in a separating trine to me, Jupiter, but no contact has been made yet

I still don't know if I should Interpret the reception as me being REALLY interested in him (jup in mercurys exaltation), or vice versa. Moon, I think it's gonna square him, Mercury, so maybe I should contact him but there will be difficulties, plus there is reception here (Mercury in moons exaltation)

what do y'all think?


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I see a few things going on here.

1 ~ your ruler is in his 3rd and squares mars and saturn in his 6th. my hunch is he's thinking of you - but as a job or co-worker, but maybe not with positivity right now - a little anger or resentment maybe.

2 ~ moon in your 8th makes me think there was or is money involved in the relation - the moon venus mars grand trine, with some kind of angry residual of intimacy. or stuff.
3 ~ sun and uranus just crossed mc - querant is on shaky ground but willing to go for it.

Mars approaching Saturn in querant 12 - quincunx to quesited ruler on the 'remember the good times we had' 5th.

I have a sense that if you try - it goes nowhere in future contact and there will still be hard feelings on quesited's part.

Sometimes, we all have to live out this kind of stuff, regardless of what other people think - but that's why I like horary - it often saves time and soul in the long run.