Should I buy a new car?


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Hi all,

I recently received an email from a dealership (its not spam, I purchased my first car here) that wants me to terminate my lease early from another dealership and buy a car from them. They sent it to me because of my payment history on my current loan.

My question is if I should take the offer. I looked at the chart and L1 is retrograde, in its own sign and making an applying aspect to L7 (the company). I took this to mean the company reached out to me. Not sure if I should take L3 as a signifier of the car? L3 is placed in the 7H, making an applying aspect to L1

The sun and moon aren't combust yet as the sun is still in Taurus at the moment while mercury is in Gemini


I will post a separate picture in case the image doesn't load


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