Should i be worried about having a Stellium in my 2nd house


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My personal opinion is that no one needs to be worried about any configuration in their natal chart. The chart is here to teach you rather than worry you.


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Your 2nd house is about possessions, your ability/lack of to bring income, your values, what is important/of value for you, it describes self-worth issues, along with it's ruler, it describes your attitude towards possessions, your style of spending, a person often realizes what he is by using what he owns.

This is the first step; to know what the 2nd house stands for. Some times planets in 2nd are trine the MC and this can be beneficial to our career house, which also describes our status. The 2nd, 6th and 10th are called material houses related to practical issues showing efforts to increase professional security, so I have seen natal charts of people with an emphasis in 2nd who were successful in career, because of their inner need to create financial security.

So you have got both Luminaries in 2nd. I wonder if it is a NM phase, or a Balsamic Moon phase. I cannot tell you anything more without seeing your natal.


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Hello astral being,
Sometimes the 2nd house with a lot of planets can mean you are scared of people getting close to you and very protective of yourself and needing a lot of privacy.


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Should I be worried that I have my sun,moon,Venus,Uranus,Neptune in my 2nd house Sagittarius.
Seeing your entire chart would help. In general, when we have a stellium in a house, it means a lot of action will take place. Lots of events will relate to this house. This is not bad. When planets form favorable aspects, you'll have a lot of success, and when they square or oppose, etc., you may have some challenges. So take advantage of the good times, e.g. save money.
Now, looking at these important planets, it makes it very interesting.
Remember, the 2nd house is not just about finance. It is also about your perceived self-worth. E.g. you may feel that having beautiful objects/belongings, your value is higher.

The 2nd house shows how you make a living, and oh boy, you can make a living in so many ways. From art, to media and public relations, to air (Uranus) and maritime (Neptune) transportation. But I sense that the public eye and artistic/beautiful image prevails.

Your finances may have suffered with Neptune in Pisces squaring all these planets for the past years. As Saturn will enter Pisces in a few months, you may learn valuable lessons about saving, financial stability, etc. In the next 2.5 years you will learn to organize your finances better.
This lesson will help you for the rest of your life.