Should I be afraid of this guy and stay away from him?


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He's a little strange. He's a student nurse that works for my grandfather inside our house. Ever since I first met him and he saw me, he can't stop asking my mom about me. We told him plenty of times already that I'm a free spirit and don't want to be tied down. But really, it's just that he seems too possessive and fast for me. He scared me off the first time I hung out with him by telling me how happy he was that he's met me and I thought that was childish of him, so I try my hardest to stay away from him even though he's in my house every single day for 3 hours. He's about my age but I'm afraid that he's a little too obsessed now.
Am I just paranoid, or should I trust my instincts and continue to stay away.
I told him it was very unprofessional of him to try to talk to me.

There's a tight square with Venus and Saturn plus Sun square Jupiter, should that mean something bad?


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