Should I approach this person?


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My own birth chart and hers:
SEP 30 90 - 5:54 AM PST
JUN 02 98 - time unknown. North American birth.

What's happening on the ground...
I was browsing twitter, looking at people's thoughts of a movie release I was curious about. I *think* it was the evening of December 26 - like 8, 9 PM?, and potentially the day after christmas or christmas itself. If this helps.

This person had posted a piece of her art with the movie tagged. Something about the energy of her art spoke really strongly to me. Peering over the rest of her twitter account, I was struck by some of the similarities of sensibility and intellect she had, and her likes, dislikes, etc --- to the point some of it was a little uncanny.

To be honest, I have no idea what she looks like, speaks like. It's her personality and sensibility.

My last solar return shows a venus in 12th. I discovered semi-recently that this means I will have either an unrequited love or that it's a love the person will never know about.

Any thoughts are well appreciated.

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