Should I approach this company?


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A brilliant PR individual just looked at my LinkedIn profile and he co-founded a really good PR company in London that I would love to work for as a consultant.

I'm still abroad, but hopefully moving back to London soon.

I wonder if I should approach this company to enquire about a possible job. They have the same ideas as me and I love everything they do.

Would someone more experienced kindly look at my horary chart to see any positive outcome from approaching this company? Is it worth me approaching them?

My beginner learning shows that I am Moon in the 1st house shows my indecisiveness on whether to approach them. I guess the PR individual or company is Venus in the 9th House (probably because I'm currently in another country).

Because it is about my career, do I look at the 10th house and turn the chart over to make the 10th house the 1st house for the company? Because the 3rd house would be internet communications, thus the individual looking at my Linkedin profile. So would that be the 12th house which has dignified Jupiter in Cancer?


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dr. farr

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(Following is not in accordance with standard horary dogmas and uses whole sign house format)

I'll use the Lot of Rectitude (right action, right thing to do) to determine an answer to this advice request question.

-querent = 1st house = Cancer = Moon
-querent career = 10th house = Aries = Mars
-querent hopes, etc = 11th house = Taurus = Venus
-Lot of Rectitude (ascendant+mars-mercury) falls @ 0 Scorpio
a) querent (Moon) flows toward the Lot = yes
b) 10th house lord Mars flows toward the Lot = yes
c) 11th house lord Venus flows toward the Lot = yes
d) Lot's significator (Mars) flows toward the Lot = yes
Answer: yes, it would be the correct thing to do, the right action to take, for the querent to approach this company.