Should I apply to be a model?


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April 5, 2015, 3:38pm, 84W11, 39N45.

From a strictly astrological point of view, the answer is a firm yes... :whistling:

:leo: rising - performance, talent, look-at-me. Very good sign, no?

:sun: in 9th - this will expand my horizons and offer new, exciting experiences, as well as opportunities previously impossible to have.

:venus: in the 10th - A career in the arts, which is my only area of skill (writing, guitar, painting, photography [both sides of the camera]). Getting paid to be beautiful. :biggrin:

I have :venus: and :neptune: rising. Ever since I was a little girl people always complimented me. "You're so pretty, you look nice today, you don't even need mascara with those long thick lashes..." People, especially men, of all ages (ew!:sick:) look at me wherever I go. Whether I'm in flattering clothes or just thrown on random jeans. Makeup, no makeup, their eyes follow me. And it goes on. Sometimes I feel that if I had the choice I would choose to look more 'average'. It's not my fault I'm beautiful. Now stop complimenting me before I lose my mind, lol. :biggrin:

I have :pisces::sun: in 1st, :scorpio::moon: in 10th. I read something about :scorpio::moon: having to do with personal magnetism, an energy that draws people to oneself. I have big, intense eyes, but I often find myself on the equally-unnerving end of someone else's gaze. Despite my :capricorn: rising, I have a sweet, almost childlike face, the Capricorn melancholy perhaps enhancing this.

(Unrelated: But why are models usually thin, white and athletic...or in other words, not an accurate reflection of real people??? I've seen so many people who don't fit the 'skinny mold' and are gorgeous anyway. For Pete's sake, put some real people in those ads!)

But since I have this gift, and am (against my will) currently on medication that makes me thin, this could be a good job. If I'm gonna look like a model...all thin and twiggy...I might as well be one. This seems like a call. So, after consideration of this chart, I applied online.


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Yes...and No....

You = Sun (1st) / Moon (co-signifier).
Job = Venus (10th).

The Sun is in its exaltation, which shows you are enthusiastic about it. Also lots of essential diginigty, do show that you are "the right" choice for the job. Essential dignity shows your qualifications: Sun in exaltation and Triplicity, so yeah, you would seem to have everything you need to be a model.

Venus, represents the potential Job. Venus, has no reception towards the Sun, and isn't aspecting it.

However, it has reception towards the Moon (your co-signifier), and it is in applying aspect.

The problem is that the aspect is an opposition. Usually events that perfect through an opposition, do not have a very positive outcome. As in, you will get a job, but might not be what you expected, and you may not like it.

Also, the Moon, is in its sign of fall (Scorpio), in the middle of the Via Combusta which is a bad place for the moon and implies problems of some sort. And finally the Moon has bad reception towards the job (detriment of Venus).

Now I'm not sure what the Moon in its fall might signify. Perhaps that while you are happy about the possibility of becoming a model, you don't really think you can make it as one?.

The actual problem with the chart is that, while you are qualified and have an aspect, the aspect itself and reception between Moon and Venus, are mixed, and not good.

So to answer your question: Yes you can become a model, BUT, it will probably not be what you expect.

To give you a few examples, your job might not be as glamorous as you'd hope for, or you won't become a, lets say, runway fashion model but rather something else you dislike (like a highly sexualised advertising model). This are just examples, so you can get my point, don't take them as literal.