She sent me an sms


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After all the problem she gave me last night she sent me an sms saying "I love you". I did not respond very lovingly back, but deep down I love her.
She is my love and marriage interest


My sig is Moon and hers is Saturn. I am hurt because of communication problem that happened last night. I am quick, fast, she is stable and has inertia. She is faithful. She has Venus and it is in mutual reception with her 1st . So it is love as well as her fifth is Taurus so it signifies that she does love me. Marriage matter is okay. She is making some changes in her behavior.

Please tell me....


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..Please tell me....
Tell you what? What is the 'specific' question behind this chart? In Horary, we always need a very specific question - for which the chart was set up in the first place.

My sig is Moon and hers is Saturn.....
That is correct, taking it that you are both lovers. However, note that the Moon (which is in detriment, so weak) is moving to perfect its square (obstacles, friction) to Saturn (is exalted, so strong). Anyways, there is little sense to go on without knowing the exact question.

Also, a suggestion, try picking the Regiomontanus house-system for Horary charts.



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I would ask, if she said it out of her love for me? Though I had a fight? and even next night after the exact aspect. But it ended in good.

Venus in the seventh tells that she does