Share Mercury Retro stories?


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So.. today Mercury retrogrades at 10 degrees Pisces, conjunct Uranus.

I have the cusp of House 1 and 2 at 10 degrees Pisces.

And get this...

My laptop battery broke down today!!! I had to call customer service, and they're sending me a new battery.. because mine won't hold a charge anymore! I'm so glad for that warranty now :D

Anyone else affected by Mercury retrograde?


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Hi Kyle,
I have no planets in the sign of pisces, but today something happened when I called my dentist about an appointment. Earlier, (last week)I was told that I could just come in and have some work done. Now I learn that I have to come in and have xrays, exam, etc. I wasn't told that the previous week. The communication is inconsistant, and now I have to go back a few steps before I can have my tooth filled. Interesting!
I'm not sure what could be in my chart to explain this, I'm still a beginner.


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I have my Desc. on 10 Pisces.
90 minutes ago a friend called out of the blue , having seen my husband at a nursing home he went to as a resident today (broken leg, broken ankle), where she popped in to visit a neighbour! We caught up on 3 months news!

Oh yes; she's a Sun in Gemini:D .



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It's been two days, and I've been caught up with the flu, sore throat, coughing, headache, the whole bit... haven't got any of my work done due to this delay, just been stuck at home resting. Also, drinking LOTS of water!


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Oh yea, and also this story!

Ok... for a long time now, Mark Wood of the Trans-siberian Orchestra has been planning to come to my highschool to do a 1-day workshop and a concert with us (I play violin with my orchestra.)

Anyway... this event was schedule for... February 13th!

And get this..

Because of bad weather, it's been DELAYED until mid-April!!

Oh Mercury....


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Aye... This one snuck up on me... I was aware Mercury was going RX soon but time has been going so quick (busy as anything lately) that I totally forgot tonight is Mercury's retrograde station! It's main aspect in my chart is a sextile to Chiron, as well as a rollover of my Moon, so I suppose I should be watching for Chironic emotional stuff; especially since I just had the first hit of the upper Chiron/Chiron square last week, which is quite the major event.

Can't say I've had any MercuryRX-to-blame oddness yet, maybe I'll get a break this time.. The last 2 years or so of Mercury RX cycles have been quite potent for me, so I deserve a break. Heck, the last one retrograded right over my natal Mercury!

Since I'm going to check out this retrograde cycle, I'll do so now and keep typing... :D

The exact time Mercury flips RX is 04:37:39 GMT and does so at 10Pis13'45

Aspects at RX station:
Quintile Pluto (10 arcmin)
Sextile Moon (50 arcmin)
Semisextile Chiron (1'00 degrees)
Inconjunct Lilith (2'45 degrees, likely a week influence)
Conjunct Uranus (3'21 degrees)
Square Jupiter (5'46 degrees, probably a weak influence)

Major configuration at time of retograde: Saturn apex Venus/Mars yod (max orb: 19 arcmin) -- Limitations/lessons in intimate relationships? Contemplation (Mercury RX) of commitments (Saturn) in intimate relationships (Venus/Mars)? [thoughts of marriage/divorce?] Yod is at 21 degrees Leo(apex)/Cap/Pis.

No major (0, 90, 180 degree) aspects from Mercury to transiting midpoints

Moon/Chiron midpoint semisquares Mercury (4arcmin)
Saturn/Pluto midpoint sesquiquadrates Mercury (20arcmin)

Some people use the 8th harmonic aspects with midpoints, some don't, and I've yet to decide exactly how important they are...

Sun/Mercury inferior conjunction: 4Pis11'01 @ Feb23 4:45:26 GMT

Aspects at inferior conjunction:
Semioctile Chiron (15arcmin)
Square Vesta (37arcmin)

Major configuration at inferior conjunction:
Pallas conjunct Neptune, Saturn/Neptune opposition at 35arcmin of orb, SA/NE&Pallas opposition tightly T-squared by Moon, max orb 1'07 degrees. A time to reflect (Moon) on the patterns (Pallas) we've encountered through the Saturn/Neptune opposition? T-square is at ~20degrees fixed signs.

Also lines up with one of the (many) hits of the ongoing Neptune/Pluto septile, NE/PL septile @ a single arcmin of orb.

Inferior conjunct falls at midpoint of Moon/Jupiter (51arcmin orb).

As always, but especially under Mercury RX, Be careful on the roads, my friends


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My webmail stopped working all day yesterday!
I am a little apprehensive since I had to turn in my resume for a new job opening today. I would have prefered to do it after the retrograde, but the company was anxious to receive it as soon as possible. I'll have to see what happens!


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I always lose stuff around the beginning of a Mercury Retro or around the end of a Mercury retro...

End july '06 i lost my wallad, i got it back three weeks later... everything was still in it
Mid Nov '06 i lost my wallad again... didn't find it back, had to replace everything
End Nov '06 i lost my keys in a pub, which pissed of my ex gf cause she was intending to sleep at my place... but day after found them back
Last Saturday (10 feb) lost my backpack, where my jacket was in among other stuff... but chances are i'll get them back...

Mercury is my chart ruler... also ruler of 2nd house (possession)...
:mercury: :retrograde:

I received a letter today saying I had been overpaid for my council tax benefit. It was quite a big amount. I phoned up to speak to the benefit office, and apparently there has been a computer error and loads of letters have been sent out by mistake to people saying they owe money, when they don't. So that is a major Mercury Retrograde problem there, they must be inundated with calls. Also I have lost the remote control for the t.v, it has disappeared completely the whole house has been turned over. But the remote has been lost for a couple of days now.


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My husband announced he thinks he's due a tax rebate, and can I find my tax dockets?? Me - gemini on the 8th - him on the 2nd!

10 deg Pisc is between my natal Jupiter and Chiron opp Pluto in the 10th! I guess I shall have to wait and see how that pans out in work and Who's going and who's staying???

Are there any natal retro mercs out there reaping the benefits of the cycle? I seem to be getting flashes of insight from somewhere (semi sextile natal retro merc!)



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For me just lots and lots of confusion in communication matters - at work but more in making arrangements with friends.

everyone seems to want to make plans with me over the next 2 weeks and I've been double booking myself and not being allowed to wriggle out of anything without major guilt trips!

I have also been hearing of a few deaths and other losses that co-incided with the start of this cycle.
Been having a lot of foot-in-mouth moments too.

I am leo, sagg rising, no pisces but I am ruled partly by Mercury.

Not as bad as the last retro cycle - kept falling over and injuring myself in incredibly stupid ways!

I am assuming it is bad idea to take a driving exam during this cycle...sigh!


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This Retro Mercury has made itself evident over and over in my life.

First of all, let me just say, I think dogs maybe Mercury Retro's personal minions. My "pack" have been responsible for unplugging the internet line at least twice a day, pulling plugs out of wall sockets while playing... affecting the tv, computers, and all the phone lines. They have also tangled up with cords knocking down my laptop a number of times.

I have also had problems with my server just deciding it does not recognize me during sign up.

I also have a dear friend that emailed me a few days ago... we hadn't spoken in 3 years. I have been non stop on IM another very special friend about numerous subjects, the focus being on travel.... well now there is a bad idea, starting anything during a retro merc especially travel plans. Like a bolt of lightning everything has become unraveled and tentions are now strained and communications stopped.

On the positive side, this aspect seems to be helping on focus of interpersonal problems here at home that have been long over due to be looked at and dealt with. I can see some serious shake up has been slowly happening, but now it is being verbally confronted.

Empathic and/or psychic communication increased incrediably and trying to take a photo taken proved to be near impossible a feat.

Hope the rest of you aren't having as many difficulties.



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Well..if you take a peek in the career section, I had an interview last Friday. I'm a Gemini Sun....let's put it this way..

It didn't go so well..

Because I was near mute...a Gemini, near mute??? Must be a Mercury Retrograde...


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I went on a date, and since I'm 22, I'm usually out late.
Out of respect I have always rang my parents to let them know...But a few days ago, my phone got lost, so I couldn't...Like alot of people, I don't memorize numbers(cell phone generation lol)...

They freaked out and FILED a Missing Persons!!! Arrrghh!!
Had to be yelled at by a cop for pete sake! :rolleyes:

My cell phone is acting up.
An old friend I haven't talked to in a year called me.
People are locking themselves outta their homes more.
Car payment check got lost in mail.
Travel plans suddenly cancelled.

I hate Merc RX! :60:


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I went to an app't yesterday, and was asked, :38: "What are you doing here today - our app't is for next week!" But the person who had the app't for the time I showed up had canceled, so I filled the empty spot.


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I believe Mercury Rx hit a little early for me, because a few days before, I recieved a letter from the hospital with someone else's name on it, it was about a paternity test.
As well, I've recieved these weird wrong number phone calls, and I noticed that it only happens during Mercury Rx, like yesterday I recieved 2 different calls within 2 hours of eachother from 2 totally different parts of the country, and mind you this is on a land line where mistaken phone numbers are not as likely to happen when compared to cellular phones.
What's really strange is that usually, the calls originate from the same states, but totally different phone numbers with no relationship to eachother.
Mercury Rx has always sent me a random occurance of events, like from strangers...I know, I know, Mercury probably hates me..;) :p
Oh yes, several letters have taken at least 21 days to arrive instead of the usual 7-14.
This is what has happened to me up to now during this Mercury Retrograde:

  • I received a letter saying I owed money, which was a mistake due to a computer glitch.

  • The overflow of water in our house has finally been re -paired.

  • My Laptop has had to be re-booted due to a virus in the computer, I will have to get better security.

  • I was reading an article on Mercury Retrograde saying you might not be happy with the results if you get a haircut at this time, I read this and still got my hair done :D Luckily it turned out fine.

  • The lost remote control finally turned up it was in the back garden :confused: How it got there I don't know. It won't work now but I am still drying it out. :p

Having lots of fun during the Mercury R :rolleyes: