Shana here

I am Sagittarius sun VII conjunction neptune VI across cusp, mercury in VII

Moon IX conjunct MC in Aquarius

Jupiter and Chiron XI in Aries

south node XII in taurus

Gemini rising, mars I

Saturn and pof III in Leo

Pluto V in Libra

oddly enough my most tenanted house is VI, venus/uranus/n. node conjunct in Scorpio, then back around to the Nep. in Sag.

Struggling greatly with my lack of Earth...trying to master that within myself in this lifetime...maybe a futile effort given the Taurus s. node tieback...

I've put my mars in gemini and my highly tenanted VI house to good use in my vocation as a massage therapist...that sun neptune conjunction makes me really empathic and the aquarius moon gives me a good relationship with voltage

Excited to be here. Hope to learn and teach much.