Shall I try to contact my ex?


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Hi, I'm new to horary. I thought I give it a try before I do something stupid. Long story short: Earlier this year I made a decision which I regret: I broke up with my ex and started "dating" his friend. Its a long distance thing, we've never even met. My ex became furious and cut both of us out of his life, but before that he poured all his anger on me. His friend wasn't the reason we broke up, but he accused me for everything that went wrong which is really unfair, he made mistakes too. It happened 2 months ago but I can't really move on. Both me and my new bf already regret the decision, I feel really depressed, guilty and angry of myself. I thought I can be happy with someone else, but I only feel anger and guilt and feel bad for both of them. I also feel its not the way it should end, and I should try to talk with him, at least say sorry or try to have a better closure of this 4 years we had together. I don't think I can move on like this, but Im also afraid that he will reject my attempt or will be rude to me. Shall I try to contact him?


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He's left the square with Uranus, showing the breakup. No connection with you, mars.
Saturn and pluto on your 3rd of communication gives the idea of a battle of words if you contact him.
His friend is Jupiter, and Venus approaches him so they may make up.


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The moon is void of the course, so I don't think your situation is likely to change. If you feel you would like to apologize to your ex BF, you might just send him a brief, sincere note to that effect. As Venus, he's conjunct the sun (feeling burned) and there doesn't seem to be a reconciliation with you.

As ElenaJ noted, the two male friends may make up.

I have to say, Violette, your post makes me feel like I'm getting too old to read horoscopes for this sort of thing. How does one "date" someone you've never met, let alone consider him to be your BF? Each of you sets up a solo candlelight dinner, and then turns on Skype? I'm not being facetious here. Just alarmed at how electronics have taken over what used to be real person-to-person human relationships.
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