Shall I take this job offer?


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I got a job offer from my sister's friend. It looks promising but I'm scared of the unknown. Thanks for your help.


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Jupiter the job looks good, but Saturn in fall of Jup. No aspects. Moon about to change signs and square Mercury. Not the most promising chart but it seems its more your own blocks and fears, the negativity.

What job is it? And why are you so afraid? If you don't like it, you can always leave it later...? Why stress out over this?


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Thanks for your reply. It is an office job, I would work with 3-4 other people.
I'm afraid because of 2 things. I always have difficulties and anxiety in new situations and with new people and it usually blocks me and makes me look stupid. I feel lost and insecure, hard to explain. I'm always the odd one, who can't fit in.
I work at my current place for 5 years and it took so long to not be stressed all the time. Now it became very convenient with home office, no need to afraid of rejection anymore and my bosses are very approachable and helpful. But lately I feel I'm unable to focus and kinda lost motivation.
My other fear is that I would need to work with my sister's friend whom I don't like that much. Everytime we met (3-5 times total) she acted like she was my best friend and then made rude remarks, and I'm pretty sure she didn't even notice she was rude. Last time she wrote a long letter to me out of nowhere and tried to convince me to not visit the guy I dated at that time because my sister was worried. I can't really tolerate intrusive people like that.