sexual obssesion in synastry


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Hi everybody,

I really need your advice because I'm totally confused. I met this guy over a year ago and since then I can't get him out of my head. We are both in realationships that is why it makes everything very hard. We never talked about it but I'm pretty sure he feels about me the same way. It's a strong desire and passion that make me wanna jump on him and suck his lips and never let go. I thought it would pass but it didn't. My question is: is it sth with our synastry that forces these kinds of feelings? Who is more obsessed me or him? I would really appreciate all your replies and advices!

here is our chart:

I don't know his time birth, mine is 22.00 PM

best regards sara


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pluto is generational but i still feel that the mars conj pluto is a big indicator! as well as the venus mars squares and venus conj uranus definitely! but you should also look at YOUR transits. if you are going through some sort of pluto/moon transit or neptune/venus transit then it could also cause those feelings. :)