Sex Addicts And Aspects


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You'd have to look at Venus and Mars I would say....

One or both planets in
Scorpio / 8th House (intense passion)
Aries / 1st House (just sex without the emotional strings)
Aquarius / 11th House (unusual sex)

and aspects between Venus and Uranus or Pluto.

franklin taylor

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Yes, Venus and Mars will have some to do with it. Neptune in Scorpio began in the latter half of 1957 until 1970 and lead to a generation that developed a "glamourized" view of sex. The children in many instances will mimic what their parents "glamourize". Especially drives as basic as sex...not necessarily how parents do other mundane things...LOL Hard aspects to Neptune and houses involved will show where escapist tendencies lie. I have heard about the "out of bounds" planet, a personal planets being higher than 23.5 degrees in a sign, may encourage strong drives ...but wouldn't know in an out of bounds Venus and/or Mars would point to that or not. If you look at my chart you will see someone, who some would say was an addict of sex, but I consider myself safely somewhere between... John Holmes and a dead person LOL Check out John Holmes' natal chart. An ultimate **** star...maybe it could give some clue. It is surely somewhere on the internet. Chances are his Venus,Mars and/or Neptune are/is out of balance. There are probably other factors that someone will discuss here.
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Scorpios are obsessed, I'll tell you that. Obsessed with themselves. So when they brag about their 'skills' in bed, know that they're just exaggerating. They need that to feel good about themselves.
Capricorns are the real deal. They'll blow you a hundred miles away with their force and vigor. You think Scorpios are a fixed sign? Well Capricorns just never give up. They'll show you in the bedroom.


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Hey said:
The eighth house isn't about sex. The fifth house rules it.

I see the 8th House as sex from an intense, deep point of view, and the 5th as sex from a flirty, romantic point of view.

Just as the 3rd is knowledge from an information point of view, and the 9th is knowledge from a philosophical, wisdom point of view, or the 6th is work from a service point of view, and the 10th is work from a career and status point of view.....etc etc etc.

So yeah, in addition to my first post, you could look at Venus / Mars in Leo / 5th as well.



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Eh my 8th is in Scorpio and my Mars as well but I'm not addicted. It's important to me, and I love it but I would never say I'm addicted.

Night Sky

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Re: Thoughts

Jenna Jupiter said:
Mars/Venus to Neptune makes the person more sensual? Mars and Neptune is "known for make someone need more sex". (Julia Parker, Derek Parker)


Hi Jenna,

Here are my thoughts on your original question:

Neptune has quite a lot to do with Addiction, addicted to anything and everything in an emotional way. Neptune has affinity with emotional states. My strongest inclination would be to say that someone might be dependent on sex due to having Neptune in hard configuration to Mars. Neptune Venus is addicted to romance, love beauty.

Other thoughts: Mars-Venus in the 1st, 7th, 5th, 8th house, these will be strong for bringing the person opportunity. But when you talk about an addict, there is only one planet that "needs" in order to be emotionally fulfilled.

Night Sky

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Ok...This is fun....

Mars signifies what our physical drive is. What do you desire, what do you want? if it is in the 1st you want sex a lot (Mars) because it is part of who you are FIRST HOUSE. In the 7th that Mars sexual energy is projected though it is still really strong ANGULAR HOUSE, same as in the 4th or 10th.

Your qustion was about Neptune in the 1st, if it is a conjuntion Mars would be there too. I think that you would have to look to se how strong the Mars is firstly in the horoscope. If it´s in the 12 or 6 house or in the 3rd, it will be weakened, or at least the focus of its energy will be into spiritual (house 12) health, work (house 6) or siblings, study (3) rather than sex (8) romance (5) or the physical personal body (Ascendant 1).

I would also begin to look at house rulership. What planet rules the 5th house, and the 8th house?

Neptune in the 1st in Scorpio, in aspect to a strong Mars maybe, with Aries on the cusp of the Eighth...? What do you think?

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If the eighth house ruler is Venus (Libra 8th cusp) with Venus in the Eighth house then your definitely talking some intense sensual. If Mars rules the 12th house (Aires 12th cusp) and Neptune rules the Ascendant... Then I would interpret this as (12th house desires) what is unknown to the person finding its needs met through the 8th.

Mars in Capricorn is exalted, Venus is probably Earthly and physical. But then the 12th house and Neptune bring in desire that is a little bit more unworldly, escapist, maybe addictive without even knowing consciously how or why.

The Eighth house is a water (emotion) house so everything here would be done with that in mind. I think that is why a lot of Astrologers deny the 8th having any sexual connotations. The 5th is all about publicity and showing off, which is why the fifth is well known, and the eighth, secretive and mysterious, passes below the radar.


I would say then that aspects with the moon the venus the jupiter and the mars would be involved. Also pluto, but then it wouldn´t manifestate in a very conscious way.

You got to say too what kind of sexual addiction are you talking about.
Because there are unwanted addictions, compulsive addictions and addictions that can be controlling the person. There´s also just an afficion to sex. I mean, taking the sex as something very, very important, and giving to it much love and time.

I say this because if you indicate what kind of addiction is, I can help you better to find possible factors to this issue.

If there´s something compulsive I could say that the moon is involved making aspects with jupiter and located in houses where this need is more noticeable. If there was something to feel more secure about or more confident relating the masculinity or feminity of the person (depending on his/er values, orientations and preferences), then the moon would be making an aspect to the mars or the venus. This, relative to a part of their lifes, more commonly as my thoughts the 1º, 5º, 6º and maybe the 7thh house.

If it´s something that the person is not so happy about, being the causant of this not knowing the true reasons of the addiction or feeling unable to handle it then the problem would be involving the pluto planet.
Because that happens when there is something to see beyond and the person has to be aware of important things. It can be coming from a harm, a doubt or a need for answers. A need for power frequently.
As much of you said there´s indeed the chance of a pluto and venus aspect, and a neptune and jupiter influence too.

Respect the houses I don´t know.

A strong 5º house with jupiter inside and an aflicted saturn in somewhere else in the chart, could make a person be very liberal with the sex and be very glad to do it.

Beside those, they could be much more reasons that include also the 2º house.


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tikana said:
That is the biggest BS i have heard in my life
I am a scorpio sun and moon .. i am far far away from sex and obsession with it.. If i were to pick sex and an interesting conversation .. i would pick an interesting conversation. Sex doesnot shiver my timbers


Hey Tikana, you`re letting the side down... Scorps are the sexiest sign. Don`t let anyone think otherwise.;)


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Being a sexy sign has nothing to do with HAVING SEX nonstop

Yah i know that i am sexy i dont need to have sex to feel this way

First of all, I'm sorry about my "lenguage" expression but I'm from Argentina and, honestly, my English isn't very strong.

I'm not exactly sure about which aspects are stronger in my natal chart but I must say I'm a Sex Addict. Not in a nympho terms, but yet I experiment extremly high daily sexual needs. I prefer to use the expression "sexopaty" as a healty way to concibe a high level of sexual desire but also the capacity of being completly loyal to one couple and sexualy devoted to monogamy when I'm up to that.

That's why I hate my sexual behavior when I'm not in a relationship.

Let's see...

I think the more strong sexual aspect in my chart is PLUTO and MARS in HOUSE 1 in SCOPRIO. Anyway, my Ascendant is in Libra and, so, H1 is in Libra. Perhaps that could make me kinnda... sexualy crazy but also devoted to fidelity (Libra is pretty "soft").

The negative part is that I experiment several physical problems with just 24 hours without sex. I get complety anxious, I lose every interest in non-sexual subjects, I star using stupid ways of manipulation to gain sexual pleasure and, sometimes, even need to use Valium to "low down" the energy because I can't deal with it in physical terms.

I have, also, Scorpio in the 2nd House and 4 Sagittarian planets: Saturn, Mercury, Uranus and Venus (Venus belongs to H2 and H3 in Sagittarius). Oh! And Juno is in House 2 but in Scorpio.

I don't think Neptune affects me at all, cause I have it in Capricornio and I don't get it as a sexual sign.

Jupiter in house 5 could also affect, considering that my Sun is in Sagittarius H3 and Jupiter is the regent.

My moon is in Aries H6, and Aries tend to be a REALLY sexual sign but suffering the highly negative tone of sexual extremly manipulative behavior. The "I want it! I want it! I want it! and I'M GOING TO HAVE IT" factor. I ***** a lot of things in my couple life [mod edit - unpleasant text] with sexual demands and possesive tendencies.

Now, the question is: What about my North Node and Lilith in Taurus HOUSE 7?

Something strange is that I don't have any planet in House 8 except Chiron in Gemini.

So far, the "sexual/sensual/relationals" Houses and Signs could be:
HOUSE 1 is in Libra with Ascendant in Libra, Pluto and Mars in Scorpio
HOUSE 2 is in Scorpio with Urano and Venus in Sagittarius and Juno in Scorpio
HOUSE 3 is in Sagittarius with Neptune in Capricorn and Sun in Saggitarius
HOUSE 5 is in Aquarius with Jupiter in Acuarius
HOUSE 6 is in Pisces with Moon in Aries
HOUSE 7 is in Aries with Node and Lilith in Taurus
HOUSE 8 is in Taurus but ONLY with Chiron in Gemini (¿shouldn't this make this house very unsexual?)

Then, the "sensual/energy" aspects between the planets could be:
Mars conjunction Pluto
Venus conjunction Uranus
Sun conjunction Neptune (I really doubt that, anyway)
Sun conjunction Venus
Moon trine Venus
Moon trine Uranus
Sun trine Moon
Mars sextile Neptune
Sun sextile Mars
Neptune sextile Pluto

And other combinations that I really don't understand but, because of intuition, I guess could be related are:
Mars semisquare Uranus
Venus semisquare Pluto

Just... I don't totaly get it. Mars conjunct Pluto is the only strong sexual aspect here. There are more things, but nothing that justified the fact I'm a sexual mess, being with over 45 One Night Stand -either woman and man- becoming obsessed [mod edit - distasteful content], living a daily need of sex and, specially, using this as a way to control and manipulate people without saying any of my intentions but geting all the power and lust I want.

[mod edit - distasteful content]

I don't get it! I've been reading all your posts and none of my aspects justified my sexual life. Most of you have "stronger" aspects in the 8th house... I really don't get it.

Well, this is my first post so I'm glad to join this community and, I repeat: I'm really sorry because I don't get so well with my English. I did my best effort, wishing to be enough to you to understand what I'm writing.
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Dear Phoenix's Song:

What an interesting post! I must say, after reading it, I could not not think about sex. Ha ha. The addiction of sex is just like the addiction of anything. There is a lack of balance in the personality, and in this regard (and you may say "hijo de mil putas") you resemble anyone with an addiction, such as food, drugs, etc. But why would you have this? Well, here we go, you pointed it out.

Phoenix's Song said:
Mars conjunction Pluto
Venus conjunction Uranus
Sun conjunction Venus

Mars conjunct Pluto will bring a massive intensity to that which is of Mars, the fiery passions, the sexual desires, those that can be expressed either for growth or for destruction. Moreover, you have Venus conjunct Uranus, which brings extremes in the expression of love; either you love passionately or hate passionately; there would be no in betweens for you, and it would be a matter of where you will yourself. This is directed into the Ego, the You, because of the Sun conjunct Venus, thus allowing Uranus' influence into your core center as is expressed by your habit. The vibrations are strong, but I also believe you were not always like this but had the tendency, which was used and repeated to make it now a massive habit. I believe balance should be sought for and a focus on love with sex should be of primary concern.

I hope this helps.
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