Several major transits at once (?)


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Hi looking at the present planetary landscape i noticed that there are several transits making conjunctions regarding my chart; tr Jupiter conjunct natal Vertex (opposite natal Uranus, also); tr Saturn conjunct IC; tr Uranus conjunct natal Jupiter; tr Neptune conjunct Sun (sq Asc) plus Nodes Reversal (natal south node is 26 Aries, conjunct.Venus and conjunct Chiron);

Are those transits supposed to be big ones? Is it meaningful to have several transits like that? Is it something happening often? Thanks a lot,
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If those were happening to me, the ones I’d consider important are Neptune/Sun conjunction and the nodal reversal. They don’t happen often. The Neptune/Sun doesn’t happen to everyone.

Just me but I haven’t paid attention to the vertex or transits to it (maybe I’m missing out).

I’ve had Saturn/IC and it was pretty unremarkable. I think it depends on your whole chart.


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In general, when someone comes to see me there is a LOT going on in their charts. I don't have to look far to figure out why they chose that particular time to see an astrologer...or to come back again.

I don't usually need to aspect transits to the nodes (unless a heavy planet is lingering for long periods on one or the other of the nodes) and I don't aspect the vertex.
As I said, there is usually a plethora of transits motivating the person to see an astrologer at the particular time they choose to do so.

I have had multiple and exhausting, depressing and unpredictable events happen at times when Uranus, Pluto, Saturn and Neptune all were making challenging aspect by transits in my life (at the same time). It feels very "personal" and these planets tend to it isn't like you can hold your breath till they pass...they are part of your life and you have to learn to live with them and if you can, to use them....or at least not allow them to
destroy your best natural temperament and optimism...for the future...because they do all eventually leave.