Serious post. Incarcerated man close to exoneration after 28.5 years in prison.


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Anyone please can look at this mans chart and tell me what you may see for him in the very near future or future in general!

Summary: He was sentenced on 02/22/1995 to 40-60 years for a rape that occurred on 02/22/1995 in Royal Oak,Michigan

In 2017 DNA evidence came out and showed he was not the person who did this crime

In 2020 the innocence project picked up his case and in 2021 made his case priority to get him out and he’s close

His birthday is 03/31/1966 10:10 PM Detroit,MI I do not know how to post a chart in here so I added his birthday sorry for the inconvenience

His full story for anyone that may want to read and get full facts and details before answering any questions:
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