Serious Health issue


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My boyfriend is suffering from a nervous system related disorder for the past one year. And in the recent 6 months it has become severe. He had to undergo a brain surgery a month ago. He had to quit his job and is struggling to walk or eat by himself.
Please predict when will he recover from this. It's urgent. He is admitted in the hospital even now.
His details
DOB : 19/10/1997
Time of birth : 3.33 pm
Place of birth : Hosur, Tamilnadu


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Recovery is seen once the Ketu anatardasha starts from May 2020 onwards... In meantime I would recommend at the earliest on his behalf do the remedy for rahu that is donation of dry coconut for 43 days continuous in river or flowing stream.

Once the ketu antardasha starts, if he can or you can also do it on his behal the remedy of mercury which is whole green moon dal for 43 days continuous...

hope this helps you..


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Thank you so much for the reply. But I don't have access to any river or stream. Can I recite any mantras for Rahu on his behalf?