Semi Squares and Sesqiquadrates in Composite/Synastry


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So my question is, has anyone ever looked at those aspects in composites especially? I know they can work quite well in synastry, but I'm not sure how exactly they work. Are they felt like a lesser square or worse?
What about in composites? What can it show there?
I'm disappointed to see they are overlooked in composite, since they show great results in synastry, especially with midpoints.

Any ideas?


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Yes do do work, but the orbs have to be no more than 2° at most.
Semi-Square---like a square, for example A's Mercury Semi-Square B's Moon, A hurts B with their words but unlike the square I believe the issue is not as pronounced, you however know something is wrong; In this case, A notices that B seems to react "over-emotionally" to their words, but doesnot know that the relationship dynamic between them is such that, B is constantly hurt by conversing with A. In a square atleast, they know the situation even if they do not know the problem or how to solve it.

In Sesiquiquadrates- your planet aspecting the other's is literally against it, for an instance, if your Venus is sesiquiquadrate another's Mars, your sense of love and pleasure, of socially acceptable behaviour is completely against how they go after the things they want, the sex they have, how and when they get angry, how they move. You just disapprove of it completely.
What I have noticed, I would like someone else's opinions.


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Thats about synastry but what about a composite? Also do those minor aspects have the energy of Saturn like the square and if yes what would it be like to have semi squares/sesqui quadrates from Saturn to personal planets?