Sec. progressed Moon conjunct Algol


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I'd like to ask for some feedback from you the secondary progressed Moon conjunct Algol. What happened in your lives when that happened?

I have a friend undergoing this situation and I'd like to get some more insight on the situation so that I might advise him.

When it happened in my life I broke up with my girlfriend as I was feeling that the relationship was going nowhere and I wasn't in love with her. It felt like a release, a breath of fresh air. My friends used to call that relationship as having a bad influence on me, but I don't agree with that. Anyway, I still think it was a good idea to move on. So, then the p-Moon on Algol was actually a good influence for me? I don't know. I took the right decision though.

Some details on this lovely star:
Algol, "the demon," or Demon Star, which "blinks" in Perseus (The Hero). It changes in brightness from 2.0 to 3.3 magnitude and back again every 2.9 days. Algol is an eclipsing binary. Algol marks Medusa's severed head and has a reputation for violence and extreme danger. Algol is a name derived from Arabic "Al Ghoul" meaning "demon", "evil spirit" or "devil". The word "alcohol" can also be traced to Al Ghoul. Nature of Mars and Saturn.


Hi Radu,

I've experienced this twice now - in 1972 and 2000 - but, it also involves my sun which is natally opposite Algol within 2 degrees.

In 1972, UK legislation meant that I had to relocate to another part of the country to further my career. Had that not happened, I would have remained in the same job for a lifetime - so, it upset the staus quo (Taurus) and forced me to "see the obvious" (had to move to "get on" in my career).

In 2000, my daughter separated from her husband - again upsetting the status quo and forcing me to "see the obvious" (their marriage was not working). But, she remarried later to someone who has been tremendously beneficial/developmental to both her and her children.

So, both events turned out to be "for the best".



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Hi Radu, are you sure it was only the Progressed Moon conjunct Algol that made you realize that that relationship was doomed? Was there not also some Plutonian activity to that same Moon at the time? You get similar things happening to you . (like you mentioned with that girl).

I personally have never even considered Algol until I came into this Forum and then only in relation to horary, so I cannot help you much.

Algol in my chart conjuncts my Descendant (I just found out) and the only thing I could maybe have with this, is that I can totally loose my head in a relationship, when in love.(but does not everyone at times?) But that can also be my Neptune opposed to Venus in the 5th in Aries. I never had bad things happen to me in relationships with others except a total breakoff with two of my best girlfriends,but I cannot remember anymore when that happened. It could just as well have been a Moon-Pluto square or something like that, not necessarily a Moon-Algol conjunction or opposition. One relationship was re-established last september when Venus went retrograde. I found that very interesting actually.

I had a very long and actually mostly happy marriage until we grew apart, but with Algol there you would expect me to marry some wifebeater or something LOL! or worse.

Sorry Radu! When I do find something, I will notify you.
Cheers, Star.


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In 2007 I had both progressed Moon and Sun conjunct Algol at the same time. Usually I do not pay attention to progressions to fixed stars, but this was something to watch. August was the specific month and substantial changes have been happening in my life since that time and are continuing. The effects follow the conjunction. In this case there is the complication that both Moon and Sun were involved.

The Lights were progressed into the 12th house of my natal chart so I have been looking for matters related to that house. Several weeks ago my maternal aunt suddenly passed away which would be a 12th house issue. I had spoken to her on the telephone just before this happened, and she was feeling very well. The last I heard from other relatives, the Manchester, UK medical examiner was keeping her body still trying to determine the cause of death.

I can say from experience that this progression does cause changes in the life of the native. They may not be harmful, but there will be significant events.


My ex husband has Mars conjunct Algol, and Mars went retro shortly after his birth, so it has retrograded now back to 1 Gemini, conjunct the "weeping sisters". When his progressed Moon reached his natal Mars, he was diagnosed with ALS, a very serious disease.

His Mars is badly aspected in his chart, however, making a square to a Mercury/Pluto conjunction. And right now the Neptune/Chiron conjunction is squaring that natal Mars and opposing his natal Mercury.

ALS is a disease that affects the nerves and muscles.

I am very happy to hear that not everybody undergoes tragedy when Algol is involved, as my own natal Mars is 29 Taurus, and because my ex and I were born just one week apart, Mars went retro after my birth and is now at 27 Taurus, rx, **conjunct Algol**. Neptune and Chiron will soon square them. Mars trines my Sun, but is squared by 5th house Pluto. :w00t:


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My progressed Moon conjucts Algol. Moon is in 30th degree, 5th house-6th house.
For me this years is a hard one. Mother is mentally ill and that makes me anxious all the time. I wake up every morning thinking about her and how she is doing today and if she will have another break down. Ah, i also have
financially difficulties.