Searching for the fitting career

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Well, when I noticed your chart before reading my first thought was "wow, this person is screaming creativity!" That is quite a concentrated stellium of Capricorn planets. I think your Cancer Moon might be causing the problem. There is part of you that likes being a homebody but with all those planets in Capricorn, you want to make something of yourself. You have administrative and organizational ability, sort of benign but important all the same. What about becoming an art director or teaching art/music either at a professional level or just offering classes for children/adults, or something else creative? I think becoming diversified is key for you. Having your own business seems to stand out to me.

I know it won't pay the bills at the moment however think about volunteering somewhere you want to work. This will give you at the very least, experience and could lead to a job that actually pays.

Transiting Uranus and Pluto have been hitting all your Capricorn planets and will continue to do so for many years to come. I do believe you will make a decision what direction to take. Try and roll with the punches so to speak and accept whatever comes your way.

Hello everybody,

I dare open another thread, because as much I would like to interpret my chart accurately, I don't have the years of knowledge behind me as many of you do here, and every time I try to figure out a topic in my life I end up confused and tired. I make some connections, and maybe come close to the overall idea but that's as much as my astrological knowledge does for me now.

I'm interested in knowing what career/ job is best suited for me and I know this is not the topic but I'm also interested in what can I make a living out of, as I would very much like to make a living out of my vocation(ideally) This is the focus of my life right now, as I'm 25, unemployed, haven't decided on a career yet.(there where many attempts mostly in art fields)

So a little bit of background. I will try to make it short.

Since 3 y/o I decided I want to be a painter. That was my dream. I had artistic talent and pursued training in this direction since then until high-school.(I lost myself a little on the way, being a depression struck teen, but eventually started painting again as I felt starting to love colors again gave me some kind of optimism) In high-school I had the occasion to participate in a teen film-workshop, and this gave me the courage to try and enroll at college in a film-school, and was admitted. I chose to let painting go, especially because I wanted to experience group work, and overall something new yet still artistic. College was not as I expected. Being used to work alone was more of an impediment for me, and I was also very shy. I also had some health issues that made me postpone my studies for one year.(I will not get into detail with this but it was a short mental health problem) I got to finish my studies and here I am... trying to figure out, what it is that I want to do.
Lately, I also got interested in music ( I come from a musical family and did 4 y of piano in primary school) and I have an ear for music.

I have some projects going on within a film festival and a poetry book cover/illustration, none of which is paid though.(the poet is a friend and I'm an intern at the festival)
I am tired of dreaming about what it is I want to do. I feel I need to focus my energies on something(which comes very hard) and get very good at it and give something to society, make a mark, shed a light and help somehow.

I know that for vocation and career, traditionally we look at the 10th house(Gemini/Taurus) or MC(Taurus), planets in it(none), the ruler and house of the ruler and aspects it makes.(Venus would be the ruler of the MC, in Capricorn, in 5th house, one of the aspects is trine MC)
For work environment we look at the 6th house(Aquarius) with Sun and N.N in it. The Sun is square the MC, and also square Pluto in Scorpio, 3rd house.( with MC opposite Pluto)
For money and talents(?) we look at the 2nd house(Virgo/ Libra - i never know how you choose which of two signs rules a house) No planets, but ruler, let's say is Mercury, is in 5th house and among other aspects it conjuncts Venus and trines MC. Would that mean that I will make money out of my chosen vocation?
Also my cancer moon is in 11th house, conjunct Jupiter&Chiron, that would mean I get nurturing and can offer nurturing to big groups?

What I see is the need of working with or for a group/society in an artistic field, but I have no idea of where or how I should do that.

Sorry for the lengthy thread, hope you made an idea and maybe you could shed some light over here, help a poor soul in search of it's meaning. :smile:


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For money and talents(?) we look at the 2nd house(Virgo/ Libra - i never know how you choose which of two signs rules a house)
The sign the house cusp is in is its ruler. If there are no planets in a house, the sign on the cusp is the one that counts. If there are any planets in the house, they provide some focus to it and, if they're not in the house cusp's sign, then they add the energy of the sign they're to the house's message. However, even if you have no planets in your second house, planets transiting your second house will still affect you in second house ways, even if they're in the other sign.

Also my cancer moon is in 11th house, conjunct Jupiter&Chiron, that would mean I get nurturing and can offer nurturing to big groups?
It would be helpful to see your whole chart to answer this, but just based on this information, it sounds like it would be deeply healing and transformative to you to work with groups in ways that meet your heart's desire.