Scorpio/Scorpio AC, Sagittarius Stellium in the 1st house, is that a YOD?


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Hello allšŸ˜€ My name is Star. I am a Scorpio/Scorpio rising with a 1st house stellium in Sagittarius and my moon in Virgo. I'm a bit of a handful as I'm sure you can guess and there is nothing I enjoy more than learning.*

I currently am at a major crossroads and my understanding is this year I will encounter major life changing events. Which I already am feeling the pull.
I come here in the hopes of finding some guidance as to which of the many paths laid out before me I should pursue as my choices do not only affect me as I am also a single mother of two.

It has also been brought to my attention there is possibly a YOD in my chart as well and I was curious to get more input on that as well.

Any more insight you might care to share I am all ears and thank you so very much for taking the time to shed some light on how to interpret this chartšŸ™

Not sure I did the imgur correct. Also added a Google pic link. Hopefully one of them works šŸ˜¬

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Hey, I don't see a yod in your chart but there's a t-square with your early degree Sag planets, Mars, and Saturn. It's another triangular formation. A yod is made of two inconjunctions like the one from Mars to pluto, but in your case there is only one. The other planet would have to be in early taurus.