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Pluto is also quite an overrated planet, saying this as someone whose Pluto aspects almost everything in my chart. Pluto is generational and not as specific meaning that it has little relevance to the individual compared to more personal planets.

Scorpio is in fact one of the weaker signs of the zodiac, it is why they are so desperate to convince everyone that they are powerful.


I am not sure if I would over rate it and I have a lot of my planets in aspect with Pluto, including conjunct my ASC and SQ my MC, I have felt it, but it did not give me power, it has destroyed me on many occasions, but I do regenerate for the umpteenth time x

In truth, the sun is the most powerful of all the planets, which is why astrologers are desperately trying to weaken it and portray an overrated sign like Scorpio as powerful.


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Scorpios had a bad wrap in astrology for a long time, this is their time to come out and shine...and they recently pushed Aquarius out of the leadership role.
Pluto/Scorpio:)pluto:/:scorpio:) is actually also have a good side too and the good side of :pluto:/:scorpio: is very spiritual. The Pluto actually want healing us dark sides and those dark sides of the human life when the Pluto is conjunct Chiron/Chiron is in Scorpio is come out to the world to make the world a better place