Scorpio 29° degree


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Hi, im interested in knowing some traits of scorpio 29° degree (i have Juno in scorpio 29° degree in 12th house, so i wonder what that cuold mean)(¿?). Thanks, greetings

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I don't have too much experience but I know someone with their sun at 29 Scorpio, and my Juno is in Scorpio (but at 17)

To me it's an incredibly wise energy, someone who has witnessed death and endings throughout many lifetimes, making it natural to accept the changes and grave pains of this life much more naturally. It's almost as though you've been through it before so nothing can phase you even though your life is marked by intense pains and changes and nothing ever really stays put. On the surface it appears to be a strong intention, powerful ability to manifest, but beneath it there is sadness and deep feelings that bring great maturity.

It makes me think of a very wise wizard. The Magician in tarot but with a deep, dark storm inside. Learning to channel that storm into a direct, specific intention is the key to harnessing that magic. Powerful manifestation.

I bet that your life partner will be extremely drawn to you in ways that cannot be explained on the surface level, and you to them. A deep inner knowing between the two of you beneath words.

Dunno, what do you think about Juno here? What is your experience, having this placement? That was more of a brainstorm but it's something I've thought about quite a bit. 29 Scorpio just stands out to me.. it's so powerful that it's difficult to ignore even though they're so mysterious, even shadowed.


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They say that 29 degrees displays an overabundance of the energy of that sign because it has been mastered in previous lifetimes. Scorpio people are very good at strategy and keeping secrets until the time is right to strike. I would say 29 scorpio is a master of strategy, they think 3 steps ahead and opponents may underestimate the extent of the gritty, persistent and ambitious nature due to the ability to keep their emotions under wraps.
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