Scarred for life.......Chiron ?


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This isn't actually 'medical', so I've placed the thoughts here.

Have you never been in a war, never fought (in) a battle, never physically harmed anyone or been physically harmed? Yet if you look at your body, are there scars that have appeared for one reason or another?

During a lazy moment in the chair, I was contemplating my shins and lower legs that bear a number of scars gained over the years from various knocks, cuts and blisters. I then thought about the 2 operational scars, one across the stomach, the other at the elbow. It struck me that Chiron makes harsh aspects to the sign/planet which rules the part of the body where the scar is; from Virgo a semi-square to Mars in Cancer (stomach) and a square to Uranus (also modern ruler my 6th house) that rules the lower leg/shins/ankles, in Gemini that is associated with the arms and joints (elbow) via Mercury.

Scarred for life in more ways than one !:rolleyes:

Do your scars coincide with Chiron's placing and aspects, or is it that Virgo is associated with the imperfection of the physical body and Chiron conjoins Ascendant, the physical condition ?


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This is a very interesting idea, Frisiangal!

My natal Chiron is located at 1 Cancer 55'3" and is conjunct my Nadir/opposite my Midheaven at 0 Cancer/Capricorn 36'59"; its other astrological aspects include a square to my first house Moon in Aries (3 degree orb), an opposition to my tenth house Uranus in Capricorn (3 degree orb), a trine to my twelfth house North Node in Pisces (2 degree orb), and squares to my Ascendant and Descendant (1 degree orb).

I have scars on my left forearm and well as both of my feet, yet I believe these to be areas generally indicated by Gemini via Mercury...

Arian Maverick

Arian Maverick

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Gemini is hands and Pisces is feet...I knew that! I apologize for my temporary lapse in mental compacity :eek:

As I mentioned above, the only Piscean placement in my natal chart is my twelfth house North Node, and this receives a harmonious aspect from Chiron. Neither my natal Neptune (the modern ruler of Pisces) nor my natal Jupiter (the traditional ruler of Pisces) form any major aspects with Chiron...

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What a fascinating idea; I have only one really prominent scar on my left shin where a girl called Abigail Jones kicked me in school. Interestingly I have Uranus rising in opposition to Chiron in Pisces in the 6th but conjunct descendant. That would say someone else's (Dsc) foot (Pisces) caused the scar (Chiron) on my shin (Uranus).

Abigail was a Pisces I'm pretty sure too.

Wow, spooky.


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trans Chiron was retrograde in my 4th squaring transiting Pluto in in my 6th .
I had a nasty knee injury at home resulting in a big scar, accounting for the 4th house. 6th house pluto....hmmmm a plutonian scar?? Pluto was transiting scorpio at the time with chiron in leo. I also have sun sq pluto natally, interesting link, with leo.

I thought saturn ruled knees, but no connections to either natal or transiting. Saturn was about 5 deg off my MH in my 9th.

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Re: Scars

Svencanz said:
And Oh, did I tell you much of my past-life recall has been using "scars"as entry points - you are entirely on the right track here gal.

One of the seminars I attended many years ago about Chiron's influence also brought up this connection. I have to admit that I can't recall it all clearly anymore; but it must have something to do with that 'inner wound' for which Chiron is renowned.:)



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hmmm, ok you got my attention :)

I have chiron at 1deg Aries opposing uranus and eros, bi-quintile jupiter, semi square my MC and quincunx my AC

I have only scars from operations and they are on both elbows, my appendix and a Caesarian. Not sure if any of them relate to my chiron though!

Great thread though Frisiangel


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I don't know which signs and planets govern what parts of the body, if anybody has a list, it'd be appreciated.

The only scar I have is the corner of my right lip. Chiron quintiles my Ascendant (self) which is in Leo (lower back (Don't know what else it governs externally as opposed to internally)).

Oddly enough though, I have a "scar" on my back. It's a permanent bruise (it never went away) from when I fell out of a tree as a child.

Anyone care to point to anything that could be the face or a tree?

This is interesting me.