Saturn Venus hard aspects - What's your experience?


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If that is true then we have the choice of free will during our lives, what about abortion then? If a soul is born at the time the celestial rays and karma were in exact alignment then if another soul chooses to abort that soul out of free will, the aborted soul will not have had the chance of free will and the celestial rays cant perform their karma properly?


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If one coworker refuses help, ask another one, if they do too, ask another etc. With this aspect I get it that we should ask for help and not bear all the weight alone. Come on, I've helped so many people that later turned against me, it felt like they ar eusing me, suck all my time and energy and disgracefully discard of me once their situations improve. I learned to avoid extra weight, it's their path/lives/etc. Who will help me? No one, so I will not help others with anything else rather than empathy, smile but just in passing, from a far. Broken people are not entitled to my time and energy, so I am learning not to try and fix them, now when I see the red flaghs I am the one that discards them. Or keep them around but refuse to talk about unpleasant things and since all they do is complaining they move on looking for other saviors. You can't learn self-love if you're always someone else's therapist and doormat. :smile:

I do help people with little things at work, but not as much as before as I was going crazy by the work overload. Now I learned to know my limits and say "No, I am busy". I am also like most Greek people I know - I prefer doing most things on my own pace, slowly-slowly :) When I was rushing around, chasing god knows what it felt like I was becoming more anxious and running away from life. Now I try to treasure every moment like it's the last and I feel more satisfied. And a part of that includes saying "No" to extra work I know will overload me. I am not perfect so why act like I am and can do anything, I can't. So maybe guardian00angel, he just was overloaded by this time by the requests by others and decided to start saying "no"? You also have the right to say "No", and as a Venus/Saturn person you have to learn to set boundaries.

The story about asking a coworker for help was when I was 18 lol, it was the only thing that i could think of for a good example at the time. I'm 23 going on 24 now and I'm much better at saying "No."
It was really hard for me to break from being over-sacrificing because I learned it from my parents. I won't go into detail, but it's really hard to de-condition what you learn from childhood, but I'm getting better now that I'm reframing myself.

You can't learn self-love if you're always someone else's therapist and doormat.

omg, I learned that a little before my bestie found her current boyfriend.
It was perfect timing because now I have more me-time, much needed-time haha

as a Venus/Saturn person you have to learn to set boundaries.

Yes, this is very true. It's important to know when to draw the line so not to overextend oneself. I was so use to being in the company of people who get mad at me because I couldn't do certain things that when I come across people who are so understanding and not get mad at me because I didn't do something they liked, it felt really weird for me.
I'm trying to get used to that.
I never knew how bad I was in until I was treated differently. I realized then that those people who I spent my time with, they were the types to not forgive easily and not try to see another's perspective, and I don't want to spend my time around such energy.

I still enjoy helping people, but I know better so I don't get leeched.


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I have Venus square Saturn in my natal chart and I can say that it's actually giving me the sense that I will never be able to find the "real love" but at the same time I have so much of faith and belief in it that one day I will.

However, I cannot seem to ever attract anyone without problems. Somehow I always attract people that are not very trustworthy or hard to reach. And when I have them, I'm not THAT into them anymore. It's weird. I always find some flaw in them and then stop liking them... but before, I would be the one that is always insecure. As if my partner is always looking for someone else or he will leave me one day. I would get really clingy and JEALOUS. And paranoid... very unhealthy. And still trying to save the relationship and not ending it even though you know you should. So I still don't know whether it was my partners actions (such as flirting with others etc) that helped me become this way OR I was always like this anyway. I'm still trying to figure out.

Until a few months ago I would always try to find the one but now I don't even feel like doing that, mostly focused on my studies and career. Because even when I think of someone being my boyfriend or whatever, I see some flaw or sense something about them and get turned off just like that. It could be about trying to the "perfection." But it could also related to my Mars square Saturn aspect.

I have Mercury square Saturn too so maybe don't mind me lol
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I have Venus In Capricorn Square Saturn In Aries, I would say that I’ve been through Friendships where a few of them have wanted to fight me for no good reason, Maybe They didn’t like me from the start and they were just using me? I think My Venus Conjunct Neptune Plays a Part also, I don’t see Everything So Clearly But I tend to Attract Losers who have no Life or They’re mentally slower than I Am to me (maybe has to do with my Mercury Sextile Mars Aspect)But Either way I had a friend of 8 years Who also has Venus-Saturn Aspect as well, I think with whoever has the same aspect as me like were both meant to deal with our Karma that we’ve created and we have to work on our Relationship Constantly

I’m currently with Someone who has the same Venus-Saturn Square but just a wider Orb, but we definitely feel like we couldn’t leave eachother even if we tried, But He’s Annoying most of the time (I think I’ll blame it on his Moon Conjunct Uranus Aspect) LOL


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The square is very hard and difficult to overcome, but essentially it depends between which houses it happens, the triplicity and the cosmic state. It's not always related to sentimental issues but also to eating disorders or financial imbalances. Although Saturn is almost the antogonist of everything that Venus represents, it also operates as a necessary restraint when the planet of love, beauty and pleasure goes headlong into an inconvenient situation.

I think for Saturn to work better this square we must recognize and empower it in just measure, because if we internalize a depressive and oppressive idea of ​​the Lord of Karma then we will be cultivating these dark qualities that are also the planet's own, contaminating others (by natal position or by transit) and manifesting it in our links with the Venusian matters (food, money, love, pleasures)

Saturn as a teacher is fierce, but we're masters of our destiny and although the square makes us prone to misfortune we always have the opportunity to react and recognize that our Venus has a guardian angel, it is only a matter of stopping ignoring it and fighting it and giving it to this angel his place


I have this aspect (Saturn in 7th house Cancer square Venus in 9th house Libra), and find it very hard to live with. I feel I've struggled with it my entire life, and still am.
that didn't make sense whatsoever, because if the child were to be aborted something in his chart might have triggered that, maybe it was destined to happen? maybe not? but "perform their karma properly" ? maybe their karma was already destined to be that way you know anyways that answer made no sense to the topic XD
It just means depression caused by autoimmune issues or/and the Dopamine system. Saturn stops Venus from expressing, meaning the immune system goes haywire causing inflammation that makes you depressed.

Anyway, as the reason is physical, it requires medication like Ibuprofen after a flare and an antidepressant. Preferable a tricyclic as they target the Dopamine as well (Dopamine = pleasure = Venus).

Saturn/Venus = blocked pleasure = problems with the Dopamine system in the body. Of course when you lack pleasure you also lack vital energy and so you don't attract light/good people into your life. You lack the fire, so you need to boost your Dopamine. Once I started taking a tricyclic antdepressant, my confidence increased 10-fold and I started attracted positivity from people around me.

^^OK, all of this is based on my experience, YMMV.

This may very well be the case. However I doubt that saturn venus hard-aspects can only cause depression by creating limitations and problems (saturn) in the dopamine system (venus).

While it does certainly cause that physical issue, I'd imagine that it also causes problems with the financial situation, as venus as a whole has a strong dictation over finances.

But saturn is about progression that is slow and not fast, as saturn is about working your way up through hard work.

So because of this, you could say that the financial situation will have negativity to it if in a hard aspect with saturn, but this will slowly become less and less of an issue, as saturn is just there to teach us the importance of hard work, meaning saturn is just teaching that for one to gain financial success, they must work hard for it, and venus in hard aspect with saturn would just be teaching this in an especially cruel way, I can only deduce that if it were instead a soft aspect between venus and saturn, the same exact lesson would still be learned, but the lesson wouldnt be taught in a cruel manner, but rather a nice one.


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Hard Saturn-Venus aspects tend to make people very careful with spending money. I've noticed a number of them are quite conservative, tight-fisted and sometimes stingy.

Interesting I got news that someone responded to this thread so many years after I initially posted. Today, transiting Venus at 17 Sagittarius makes an exact conjunction to my natal Saturn! I think it is harder to be affectionate in relationships when this transit occurs as you tend to more easily notice what is missing in relationships. You may feel undervalued or not appreciated.
I agree with mihail. This is a very difficult aspect for its natives. It is not helpful nor beneficial to crucify the individual carrying this chart signature. It is impossible to determine why some of us are born with this aspect while others are not.

I have the conjunction (1' orb) in Leo in 4H. It is the only applying aspect venus makes in my chart. Ouch! I have endured many of its challenges at this point in my life (42 years old) (i.e. delayed social graces, challenging/burdensome/abusive relationships, lack of relationships, cold/abusive parents and other relatives, constant hard work in big careers, fragile health [venus rules 6th house], etc). But, as an individual who has found it very difficult to feel worthy of love throughout my life, until just recently (in my 40s), it is not helpful to dwell on "what I must have done to deserve this" in a past life. Yes, I agree that we are born on the date and time that offers us an opportunity to continue working on our karma. But, this is an overall spiritual notion. Therefore, I think of this aspect as a spiritual one. It could be that the person's soul was ready to endure such hardship in this life, as a means of intense spiritual growth. It does not mean that we were bad people who somehow deserve to be treated badly as a consequence of being so rotten. Truly, I find it hard to believe that saturn/venus people were "bad" in another life as we tend to be giving and loyal to a fault, hard working, and extremely enduring in our relationships. Many of these traits could have been carried over from a past life. Perhaps we were denied love in a past life as well. So now, we must activate relationships slowly throughout this lifetime so that we learn how to properly maintain one. Karma is simply a pattern of behavior that is carried from one life to another. It does not mean that the person was "bad" or did bad things.

Much peace and many blessings to those with this aspect. We can use all the extra love and support we can find! And it's not all bad. Now, in my 40s, things have noticeably improved. I still haven't found my life partner or had the family I long for. But, I still believe it will happen one day-- when God and the universe want it to. Saturn makes us wait. But, things happen exactly when they should. Plus, the part about not aging so harshly is very true:) Also, we are very good with money--making it, saving it, and spending it wisely. As we get older, our innate traits of dependability, compassion, loyalty, and endurance are cherished by those who recognize our gifts.
So, those are just a few good things that come out of the treachery of this aspect. Good luck to you.
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