Saturn Transits: what is your experience?


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hello there!
:devil:what's your experience with Saturn, especially the challenging transits?

:love:Did you find the aspects to personal planets (eg Sun) and the outer planets (eg Uranus) equally impactful, or are the outer planet aspects more generic?

:love:When you had one negative and one positive aspect occur concurrently, did you feel the positive impact at all, or did the negative aspect prevail?

Saturn is all about hard work, responsibility, and discipline. If you put in the work then Saturn will give you your black belt. I have found that Saturn's transits to my personal planets tend to carry more weight than transits to my outer planets. If you have a strong aspect between your natal Saturn and another outer planet, say Neptune for example, then any Saturn transits to you Neptune would be more significant. When I have had negative Saturn transits they were difficult, but they turned out to be good in the end. I have my Sun conjunct Saturn and Capricorn rising so I tend to be very responsible and disciplined. If I were not that way then I would think that Saturn transits would be more difficult for me.


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When I had Saturn square moon I was feeling really down and depressed as my marriage ended with my initiation.


Honestly you don't really notice it until the day of. That's when you're able to verbalize what you feel and it usually comes out negative.

Saturn conjunct Venus is a time of emotional commitment, though money maybe in severe slow motion. Especially when you are looking for a job, during this time you're probably getting something below your worth since you are being needy and cautious. However, it might be a good time to have a business since you are dedicated to your idea.

Saturn oppose Venus just makes you insecure and mean, in the sense that you're pretty sure you don't want to be with your mate and may be dealing with some frustrating unhappy energy. Your energy is closed off, making you think you are physically unattractive because other people are getting approached and you feel ignored. You maybe a little more harsh on yourself than usual. You find that your financial timing is off, selling too soon, or buying too late.

Saturn retrograding and opposing, you just want to relive the argument and rehash the reasons for your separation over and over again, in case you missed a point. If you're in a job you maybe replaying the possibility of quitting and may find you are in a situation where no matter how good you are, you're swimming against the wave.


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Ive got a saturn trine sun transit coming up in less than 2 degrees, so ill update what this brings...i dnt think it's such a bad thing being a trine.

@magical so the transit is not felt till its exact are you saying ?


Ive got a saturn trine sun transit coming up in less than 2 degrees, so ill update what this brings...i dnt think it's such a bad thing being a trine.

@magical so the transit is not felt till its exact are you saying ?

More like not realized. Because there was good moments prior to the break up. He had bought me a plane ticket to see him. We were on the path to reconciliation. But on the day of, a tiny slip up sent me into nuke-ville. Though really it was several observations I was ignoring for the sake of wanting to give it another try. I suppose if it didn't retrograde, we would have moved on. But there is an incessant memory of our conversation that keeps replaying in my mind. To the point where I basically turned into a nun, refusing to participate in the same BS with anyone new. So there is an after effect to watch out for (due to the retrograde).

But now that Saturn is going direct again, I don't feel the same resentment. I think with trines, you probably just have to deal with feeling serious, and it depends on your general nature whether you become more negative or are slightly overwhelmed.


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When I had Saturn conjunct both my progressed Moon and progressed Ascendant, it was a terrible, TEEEEERRIBLE time for me! I couldn't continue college. I just wanted to be left alone and I felt no emotional comfort at all. I felt like I was shattering apart, that I was shutting off and I wanted to disappear. Sometimes I felt apathetic. I felt i truly couldn't progress.

When Saturn left my prog. Moon, it then conjuncts Neptune, still conjunct Ascendant.
Then began the "Dark Night of the Soul."
Totally shut off. Could not move forward or operate in the outer world. I couldn't even talk right. I had to focus on my inner self. But now, things are slowly getting better since Saturn is moving away.

I also have Saturn trine Chiron right now, and I feel it very positively. It's a good breakdown of old beliefs and reconstructing them without feeling shattered apart or vulnerable. Recently, interesting characters show up in my life and I want to loosen my rigid manner and be more open than usual.


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I have natal Saturn in a tight opposition with Jupiter (thanks, God!) and I'm still not used to their **** see-saw. My 7th house Cap also probably doesn't like sharing its house with the transiting Saturn. Everything *****, everything is difficult, if I move I sink, if I don't move I sink, and I haven't even entered my actual Saturn return yet. Pray for me.

Both Jupiter and Saturn also square my Sun. My Sun is opposite Pluto. It's like all the bosses are in a 4 way Mexican standoff. Forget transiting planets, even a fly sets them off.