Saturn Transits natal 8th House - Intimacy issues


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I am checking my transits for the upcoming months and I see that in during the end of the month Saturn will transit my 8th House. It's a bit scary given that we have all experienced a global pandemic the last two years.

I have a very well fortified Saturn in my chart (Saturn in Capricorn conjunct Uranus and Neptune ) in the 6th house. During my Saturn Return in 2018 I had to enter new environments and leave my old skin behind, ultimately started an new postgraduate course and shifted my focus in life. I got diagnosed with ASD and tried to accept my new knowledge about my self.Most importantly after my Saturn Return I met the most important relationship of my adult life, a Taurus man that managed to break in and allowed me to be myself.

We have built a solid honest relationship the last two years. I am thinking can the Saturn transit in my 8th change this intimacy level. I also faced financial problems/restrictions for the last decade, therefore I am not afraid that I will loose money. My laptop broke but it was a decade old. Can from your experience this transit change an honest relationship? Or even reward (We are both Saturnian in our love approach, never spend a lot of money etc.) I have thought of ending my relationship several times because I don't know how to deal with intimacy and emotions. However I have been honest with him and he knows my diagnosis and the fact that I want to try therapy.

Lastly I want to purse therapy for my ASD issue because I am worried about my difficulty to get out there and create my career In an attempt to create my new self I keep applying for new jobs since last year. Small opportunities in an attempt to get out there and learn new skills. It's a new chapter of practical thinking and less idealism.In a way a rebirth/death. Another rebirth is that we want to adopt a pet together and create a new relationship.I also lost my dog of 17 years during Saturn Return in 2018. Should someone who has experienced maturity and mature relationships be worried over this transit? Can it help me build my professional self?


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Just a thought, is it possible that this transit is also related to a revelation/rebirth of self related with entering therapy with a psychiatrist because I finally prepared an email asking for professional help with my anxiety issues?


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I have been experiencing Saturn transiting the 8th house for 2 years. I lost most of my fish last year. I had lots of trouble getting help and as far as I know, Saturn in the 8th house limits the support you get from others. I had lots of responsibilities that are still a burden to me. I also had lots of problems with intimacy and was around people with intimacy issues. I feel like this transit is asking for me to be more responsible. Also, I'm struggling so much emotionally. I had lots of power struggles with people telling me I'm not enough and I should do more or taking advantage of me. It's like my personality is changing and I'm having a death of self but not in a way I expected.


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Thank you for sharing your experience dear devilmaycare.
I think from what I read most people describe that they went to therapy, faced problems with shared taxes, or even properties etc. Most people describe that they experienced a metaphorical death of their former self- identity.
My transit has not started yet but I think getting to therapy means I will experience a rebirth and new identity (hopefully).


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update: I can see the swift happening, I am keeping a list of my finances and I keep completing applications for jobs, even sending my CV blindly on a daily basis. I am trying to be formal in all of my letters.

I had a min breakdown emotionally last Monday and I chose to stay alone for the day. I have been feeling I am not really giving so much in my relationship. I even contacted a therapist and I am about to start regular sessions.

Is it possible that Saturn is responsible for this?