Saturn transits 12th house


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It's happened, and he only just turned 11 in Dec. Saturn has entered his 12th house. He has been isolated from the only 3 Children that live on our street. Now Saturn has started it's transit of his 12th house...

What possible lessons could this sweet little Sagittarius have to learn from this period???

I have tried to upload his chart below... hope it works.

It is breaking my heart when he says that everyone hates him.... He truly is a loving little boy who has so much to give, he is creative and outgoing.

I am thinking the areas he needs to work on while Saturn is making it's transit is; relationships to people and himself, how he values himself and his relationship with his Dad?


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Interesting... I guess I wasn't ment to know! The universe has spoken...

Thanks for allowing me the space to understand not to interfer in my son's life....

Geeze, sometimes it's tough to be a mom.


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I've had Saturn transiting my 12th house for the past couple of years, and it's gonna stay there for another few months. It's been brutal for me (but I'm 21 years old, a little different than a 12 year old). I've cleared out a lot of psychological issues that I was dealing with, learned better coping mechanisms, etc.

My advice to you as a mom is to be there to listen to him when he talks, don't try to change who he is, but do try to encourage him. Help him figure out what he's going for/trying to accomplish (more friends? better grades?) and then suggest some activities/ways to get what he's going for (such as sharing, being more cooperative, more others-oriented, etc).

You cannot be fulfill the need he has in his life for (non-family) friends, but you can be a supportive mother, one who reminds her son of his importance when he forgets his significance.


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Thanks Lithuel,

Yip....I know what Saturn feels like as it goes though the 12th... I experienced it myself back a few years ago, for the second time in my life... and I have a 12th house sun... so talk about whacks, knocks and learning lessons.

So much to learn at a young age.... and indeed I am here for him as long as God allows. It pains me to see him lonely at times, and I understand his need to learn how to be with non-family members. I've given him a address book and suggested he start to collect address and phone no. from his school mates.

I can only support, I don't want to change who he is. I love him just the way he is...