Saturn T 7th House - Isolation?


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In the past two years I have entered into a period of extreme isolation. I continue to go to work but I have no social life and no real desire to form one (at this time).

Prior to this period I was living a very different life overseas where I worked with a lot of different people, had a relationship and small community of friends.

When I have a look at my chart I noticed that Saturn began to transit my 7th house almost two years ago; I understand that this represents an increased focus on relationships with people, discarding the unnecessary and strengthening existing ties. It just feels very extreme and exhausting.

On the upside I have become closer to my immediate family in this time. There's also been an increased focus on saving money.

I'm not sure if the Pluto Transit is also a contributing factor here. It feels a bit like I'm been forced into withdrawal to face myself.

Are my thoughts correct on this?


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