Saturn square saturn??


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Hi everyone. I am trying to teach myself astrology and in todays transits I noticed that today, saturn is in sag at 4 degrees... my natal saturn is virgo 7 degrees. What does this mean?? I cant find much info on the internet or I am using my terminology incorrect. Thank you!!
I included my chart as well.


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For a clue, remember what you lived in the epoch of june 2001 (Saturn was 7° Gemini, in your 8th house) There is a probability that the same tonality emerges, or, by conscious effort, you can prevent the odds, by what your evolution taught you :)

This is a basic way to do. After that, you can look what will be in the same period the positive transits to understand the forces on which you will rely :)


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Judging by your chart you are going through your first Saturn square after your Saturn Return at 29. This puts you around the age of 37.

Firstly you have to check out what your Saturn Return is/was about for you. Given your natal Saturn is in the 11th house, and Saturn's placement in your natal chart describes an area of restriction for you, you would have had your Saturn Return (when transiting Saturn returned to its natal position at around 7 deg Virgo) force you to examine the issues which are governed by your natal Saturn's position. i.e.

  • any groups or clubs to which you belong
  • your long term goals and plans
  • your relationships with the women in your life
  • acquaintances/friends
During this Saturn square which you are now entering, anything not fully dealt with at the time of your Saturn Return will have to be completed. Saturn's current passage through your 2nd house will require some restraint in relation to finances, during which time you may find that your personal values undergo quite a lot of change.

Saturn transits force you to face the practical and everyday - such as what is your responsibility, as opposed to what needs to be left for others to deal with. Saturn's squares and oppositions bring to the surface the practical realities, such as relationships, finances, jobs, and fundamental plans for your life. During such times you are having to face reality and find solutions which are practical, manageable and doable.