Saturn square Moon synastry


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I found this article on this aspect and it was pretty spot on! ..
In synastry my boyfriend I have this. Me being the Saturn (Aries R) and him being the moon (Capricorn).He also has the moon square Saturn in his own natal chart as well but, Everything said in the article was very true and how these energies play out in a relationship.

But my question is: can a relationship work with this difficult aspect and how?


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Didn't read the article but I'm familiar with suffering through such an aspect in an important relationship with an orb of about 30 min.

Is your orb tight...?

If so, then my take is that the Moon person will eventually walk away unless there's about double the average # of good personal planetary synastric aspects and/or if the Moon person is older enough to laugh it off and maintain sense of self-worth...(unless as you mentioned his own Sat 90'ing his Moon makes your Sat chill not unfamiliar).

Of course, the Sat person suffers also (from adopting a disapproving posture much more often than normally)...not sure how to fix or minimize this.

Maybe some more background, e.g., the birth data and how long you've been together.


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We've Been together for a year now. But here is a little more info... 80% orb


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