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I've noticed that a lot of the RMC posts regarding things like life choices/career questions/relationship guidence are occurring with people who are either approaching or in some stage of their saturn return...and after reading a lot about saturn return, was wondering if there was a systematic way of interpreting a person's individual saturn configuration, or perhaps the chart overall in determining how best to deal with saturn return since it's a given that those issues are what will arise during that time.

I'm wondering if alot of these issues can be resolved by understanding what our saturn return wants by understanding our personal saturn, since saturn is more or less the "lesson giver". Or if not a person's saturn alone, what else?

I guess another way to put it can we go about interpreting the lessons saturn inherently wants to teach us through his placement in our charts?

Basically, I want to know HOW best to figure out what saturn is trying to tell/teach us before or during our saturn return.

So first, saturn returns are what occur around the ages of 28-30s (and two more times later in life) when saturn tests whether or not we've been making the right choices towards being our true selves, such as with career, lifestyle, or relationships. If yes, we're good. If no, which is most typical the case, saturn makes us re-evaluate/re-start/re-orient ourselves, our careers, or our relationships towards the direction we should be going. And as a result, we are usually dis-oriented by saturn "shaking things up" so to speak in a very uncomfortable way to confront us with the realities and consequences of our past decisions, good or bad.

To use my chart for example,
my saturn is in scorpio in 11th house retrograde...
- saturn opposes my sun taurus and venus taurus in 5th (sun and venus are direct)
- saturn is conjunct my mars scorpio in 11th (mars is retrograde)
- saturn is sextile my jupiter capricorn in house 1 (jupiter is retrograde)

- also, 10th house(house of saturn/capricorn) ruler is Sun, which is in taurus in house 5 (MC is Libra)
- also, neptune is in capricorn in house 1 retrograde

now, having read up as much as I can numerous articles, descriptions, etc. regarding the individual aspects/ dilemma is how to put the pieces of the puzzle together to decipher what saturn wants or is trying to tell me to do during my saturn return...what are the lessons saturn is trying to teach?

can I hear some approaches/interpretations/opinions/experiences regarding this?

and yes, this is indeed a RMC thread for myself since I'm about to go through my own saturn return, but I'm hoping it might also offer some insight for anybody else going through their own saturn return on how to figure out how to deal with it and get through it in as positive and constructive a manner as possible, and not too easily fall into the typical traps of depression/confusion/identity crisis/panic and other horrible things that usually accompany a saturn return when the person doesn't realize what it is they are actually going through.

thanks everyone! :biggrin:


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