Saturn prominence-midheaven both in the natal and transit


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It has come to signify, in my case, German language exam at the university that I failed and doesn't allow further progress in my university career, as well as teachers of this discipline of very standoffish attitude in my regard.
I had done all exams on university apart this of the 2nd and 3rd year: only this one before laurea. Yet, I try it from 3 years, and I am not allowed. Today, after years, I feel empty, at loss, about career, as nothing significative can be there for the future, apart from repeating one time again this exam just for inertia: I am now believing that this is not worthwhile. I am grown sick of universities, laurea, and of this stuff. the way I study is just for inertia: all this way, just to discover it will beget nothing for me, that I am studying for nothing, that path leads to nowhere, and I don't want to meet anyone speaking about that, and just for a bit I manage to don't lose my temper. Every person around approaches me by asking about this, and I am starting to grow very nervous.


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Hey man,

The ruler of the ascendant -- the planet it signifies -- represents you. You are Jupiter in your chart, peregrine in Taurus, but in the 2nd house which is kind of neat. Darn. AND Mercury is in the first house, supremely accidentally dignified, but in fall and detriment in Pisces. Poop. Pisces is the place where Mercury has trouble the most, seeing as it is farthest from its home in either Virgo (Dom/Exalt) or Gemini (Dom). And Moon is whatever, in the 6th house in Leo which seems to make a decent trine to your Sun. Hey, it's better than a square or opposition. At least for that part. Your lot of fortune is in the 8th in Scorpio. Scorpio isn't really that good for the lot but I have that too. I'll get to that in a little bit.

Now onto my personal favorite part.

Yes, you have Saturn in the 10th. Big bad evil Saturn. He is extremely accidentally dignified here, giving him a lot of ability to do Saturn things. What's more, he is in his home in Cap, AND he isn't Rx -- something that my Saturn is. Be thankful he is direct and not Rx, it might be worse if he was Rx. I can't remember who wrote this -- but I think it was either Schlomo or Ibn Ezra or someone like that, who said that if you have Saturn in the 10th in domicile, you might be rough for the first 30 years of life. But after that, you get into some great career. Yes, I'm paraphrasing, but I remember seeing that and reading it. So you kind of fit that. I don't really know what that means for you but, he is in domicile, direct, and in the 10th. That's pretty amazing in and of itself.

However, he does make a square which seems to separate from the Sun. Ah yes, the Sun in your chart. Beyond any other Sun I have seen, he is like as supremely dignified as he can get. He isn't in Leo which is his home, but he is in exaltation in Aries in the first house, with the moon offering him more dignity since she, one of the lights, is in his house. I mean it. He is your almuten -- the strongest planet in your chart. I wish I had that. Granted, mine is also angular in the 7th and in Leo, but then again, I don't have the moon in his sign, and you were born on Sunday, Sun-Day, so that gives him more dignity as well.

Mars is in Cap -- exalted in the 11th, probably doing Mars things but happily so I would assume, as he is given a good portion of energy to do stuff in the house of good fortune. The lot of fortune is also in the house Mars rules in your chart (8th), which, while normally a pretty unfortunate house of death and other people's money, Mars is exalted and in a good house. It might be good for this fortune placement, I don't know. I'm not an expert. But with fortune in the 8th, in the house of an exalted Mars, you might be able to get some money working with people's money or death or something like that. Don't know. Just a thought.

Jupiter is you, as signified by Pisces being your ascendant, which incidentally also houses a really essentially detrimented but accidentally powerfully angular Mercury. I mentioned this before but I wanted to mention it again. I mean, it is pretty much conjunct the ascendant. BUT, it is in its joy in the first (planets are happy in certain houses -- Mercury in 1st, Sun in 9th, Venus in 5th, Moon in 3rd, Mars in 6th, Jupiter in 11th, Saturn in 4th or 12th I can't remember). Anyway, Mercury might be troublesome, and he works with language, technology, transportation and communication and stuff. So...maybe be careful with Mercury things. Jupiter, like I said is peregrine in Taurus, so I don't know, be careful with money since you're Jupiter in the 2nd? However, you have both benefic planets in the second house. And uh...Venus rules the 2nd house for you. And uh...Venus is in domicile in the second house.

You know what that means?

I mean like, looking at it I would guess that having both benefic planets in the 2nd house of moveable possessions might be good for money. Venus is able to provide what she promises in domicile and seeing as she rules the house of 'basically money', things don't look so bad for you in that part. Don't know if Jupiter would mess it up though, since he's peregrine. I like to think that since Jupiter is in the 2nd house WITH the lord of the 2nd house (Venus) and they both are in there, maybe she can help him out.

I'm serious man I'm pretty sure you have a lot of good going for you. Sometimes I look at charts on here and most are meh but I truly think you have something really good going on. Yeah sure, Saturn on the 10th seems to represent a really rigid relentless father who works in a lucrative field, but I guarantee something good will come of it. Again, I'm no pro.

With Jupiter ruling the 1st house (pisces) and the 10th (sag), things might be a little troublesome since again Jupiter is peregrine BUT he might be able to get some help from Venus. You have an awesome Venus. In addition, be careful of home stuff and partner stuff (4th house and 7th house stuff) as both are ruled by that detrimented/fall angular Mercury. If I were you, I'd focus on Mars stuff, Sun stuff, Saturn stuff, and Venus stuff.

Seriously your sun is beyond dignified. It's ********. Use it. It's kind of funny, my domicile Saturn is in the 11th, but retrograde. It has brought me a few fantastic old friends (like...old people), and a pretty cheap father who retired mid-50s who has land and a significant amount of movable resources, as well as being a great dad. I imagine that, maybe now, Saturn for you might suck. But yours is direct, mine is not. There are other factors too but ultimately you have a great hand dealt to you. I'm not really surprised you mentioned struggling with language as Mercury rules that and he seems in a bit of a difficult situation in Pisces.

But you have Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Mars, all dignified.

Oh yeah -- don't worry about Pluto, Neptune, or Ur-anus. They don't count.
They don't count.
I don't care what else you get told.

Pm me if you have questions or want to chat.