Saturn/Pluto Complete Grand Cross


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For the past month we've been discussing marriage. He actually wants to get married by the end of this month. I was all for it... until mercury went retrograde. I initially thought his birthday was in 1981, but just found out during mercury rx that it is in fact in 1982.

To my horror, this changes our synastry significantly!!!!

His Saturn (2deg Scorpio) and Pluto (29 deg Libra) now form a Grand Cross with my Mercury (3 deg Aqua), Mars (7 deg Aqu), Sun (10 deg Aqua), Jupiter (3 deg Leo) and Chiron (5 deg Taurus).

Also his Ascendant (10 deg Scorp) is square my Sun (10 deg Aqua). His Mars (11 deg Aqua) is conjunct my Sun.

Things were going so well until I got his correct birthdate.

There is an intense attraction. I think he's a very smart man and there are alot of things I admire about him. But it's amazing I havent felt the saturn restrictions/fears yet. I have not noticed any judgemental attitude that should come with these tense saturn synastry aspects.

Now that I know the synastry I am very fearful of the outcome. Should I proceed further in this relationship or try to end things before we get in over our heads?


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I should also mention that my Solar Return chart has Saturn exactly conjunt my Descendant and Pluto on my MC exactly square my Descendant. And he is a Capricorn, Scorpio Ascendant.